Utada Hikaru - SCIENCE FICTION + General Discussion

Um hold on can all their albums be remixed/remastered like this? The new Automatic mix is amazing. The original sounds so flat and fuzzy in comparison.



They also updated a minute long version of the commercial/Electricity preview on the official channel.

I love it so much. I need the full track. She's captivating. Naniirodemonai Hana is still on heavy rotation here.

I'm in love with you
In it with you
In it with you

So simple. So emotional.
Super intrigued for the new traveling version now (even the CF is pretty wonderful in all its simplicity)!

Here's a preview of the chorus, I'm liking the modern production. A good sign for the other re-recordings if they're more of a Namie's Finally version than a complete rewrite.

Also glad the limited edition lenticular effect turned out exactly how I hoped it would, can't wait for mine to get here.
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I was a bit on the fence about this project, mostly because the tracklist could've been slightly better. But it's shaping up to be a nice greatest hits. From what's been released, the re-recordings and new mixes sound great and fresh. Also glad I ordered the limited edition.