Utada Hikaru - SCIENCE FICTION + General Discussion

- BAD Mode and Somewhere Near Marseilles, while amazing, feel slightly less essential and I would've put Keep Tryin' and Passion in their place.
Take this back, BAD and Somewhere are two of their best songs! I think the real question is why not all 4, they all easily make up half of their top 10 tracks, new mixes of both of those too would have been incredible.
- BAD Mode and Somewhere Near Marseilles, while amazing, feel slightly less essential and I would've put Keep Tryin' and Passion in their place.
It continues to baffle me a bit how COLORS is the only ULTRA BLUE representation here, when I think a lot of people would argue This Is Love, Keep Tryin' and Passion are big career highlights. And COLORS was arguably Single Collection Vol. 1 material first!
How are the Japanese sales across this week? I need this to smash. Incredible work on the rerecordings and new edits. I usually hate hits collections that fuck around a lot, but the concept works nicely here and centres a handful of older stuff around their current output (to me current Hikki still begins with HEART STATION dd).

Beautiful World I'd say is one of my favourite songs... ever, I always felt like the production is so clean and crisp, it's gorgeous. The new elements here are really well done. Also BAD Mode is such a Hikki discography highlight and effortless slay and it fully deserves its spot.
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Looks like SCI-FI is at number one on daily, do we know when weekly comes out? I've been out of the Oricon game for years.

Also, my notes on the inclusions on the collection...those UB releases while some of her best work to me also pale in sales comparison to COLORS. You'll note that the HS ones omit the title track but Prisoner and Flavor were giant and Beautiful World seems to have become a touchstone for her because of Eva. I don't think Passion ever quite captured the same way Hikari did in terms of Kingdom Hearts audiences via different remixes and inclusions over the course of the series.

I think the clearer issue is that there are five cuts from her most recent album even though BAD Mode is maybe in contention for my favourite of her's. TWO First Love cuts? One of the highest selling Japanese albums of all time only have two representatives on a Greatest Hits???? I'm not asking for like.....album parity across the release but it's a fascinating decision.
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The real issue with the collection, and this has already been noted, is that there are FIVE BAD Mode songs on there. One Last Kiss and Somewhere Near Marseilles and you'd have been good! Why is Time on there???? I love Time. BAD Mode title track is one of my favourite songs of all time at this point. WHY is it on here?
If I could round up the track list to 30, I’d add:
This Is Love
Devil Inside or Kremlin Dusk
You Make Me Want To Be A Man

It’s a shame Exodus doesn’t get any representation (for many reasons I’m sure) because that album feels pretty important to their artistry. I would have loved a re-recording of Movin’ On Without You too, actually.

Anyway I love that they’ve continued working with AG and Floating Points. Along with Taku, it’s the perfect team for UH12!
Exodus/TITO material is owned by Def Jam surely, so it probably would have been too difficult/costly to license the tracks for this release? Shame though as I agree some Exodus representation would have been nice.
Rounding up the playlist and not adding Darekano? Criminal.

I found a user named Andy912love in the comments of the SCIENCE FICTION interview who translated some of the audio for us English speakers:

Why is the title 「SCIENCE FICTION」?
I'm often asked, "please explain the genre of (Hikaru Utada's) music," but I don't know how to answer. When explaining her (Hikaru's) music to people who don't know her, many of her fellow musicians said, "I don't know how to explain Hikaru's music".

I've been saying that for a long time, but suddenly...
Also, since I am a lyricist and composer, I am often asked questions like "who is this song about?", "is (this song) based on a true story?".

It is difficult to classify it as "fiction" or "nonfiction".
But it doesn't write exactly what happened.
That doesn't mean it's a myth.
"What should I say?", she kept thinking.

At one point, she said something like, "I (Hikaru Utada) love science, I love literature, and I love space, so the most appropriate title might be 「SCIENCE FICTION」". It was like that.

She thought, "from now on, I'd like to be able to say 「SCIENCE FICTION」 instead of 'fiction' or 'nonfiction', so she chose that title for her tour and best album.

About the song/concept of “A flower of no color”
Yeah. Try expressing something that has no form by saying it has no color, such as the mind or spirit.

Does the fact that it has no shape or color mean that its existence is in jeopardy?
Do even tangible things really exist?
Isn't truth also subjective? And

In terms of the danger of its existence
In terms of uncertainty
Schrödinger's cat
Even in quantum mechanics
Do things exist until they are observed?

If say
Doesn't it exist?

simulation hypothesis
There are many ways to say that and think about it.

Then, something like "Do I exist?"
(She) thought that it was difficult to say, "I believe in my own spirit."
"How should I (she) believe that?"

What should she do when she feels like "I (she) want to believe in something but I can't believe it?"
Thinking of this, she wrote a song like this

If you can't believe in yourself, you can't believe in anything, and it's like you don't even exist, right? That's what I thought.
I made this song like this

In terms of sound, in terms of music, let me see,
For the first time, the time signature changed twice! From 6/8 to 4/4
It's back to 6/8 though, like this...

Put simply, it's like "Bach", "R&B", and "trap". I tried to put it all together into one song.

Also spotted a comment about Electricity's concept being Utada falling in love with an alien. All hail our SCIENCE FICTION queen.