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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. I thought it said Coraline at first!
  2. Dag


    Has she turned you into a fan at last?

    I literally can't wait either. Travelling Like The Light is one of this year's 5 best albums. No lie.
  3. Funny, Island are lining her and Frankmusik for early 2010 releases. I really would have thought both would be dropped.
  4. Another album?! How are they funding this?
  5. Sugaste

    Sugaste Guest

    Really like this.
  6. They're dropping Remi Nicole!
  7. They probably won't spend much on the releases and just dump them once the albums are out.
  8. I love VV Brown. I don't say that out loud enough. I can't wait for her gig.
  9. I love VV and you do too, Breakfast. If not for her, you'd have no one to mock except psycho Vince Frank. She completes you.

    Off to listen to Caroline then…
  10. Wow! Really wasn't expecting this! 'Travelling Like The Light' was awesome...

    'Caroline' sounds good... it's no 'Shark In The Water' but it'll do!

    Has anyone been to her tour yet... does she do this one? Seeing her next saturday!
  11. Wow VV's second album already!!!

    She only released Travelling Like The Light in July!

    I'm excited!
  12. Where has this news of a new album in January come from? Has she stated this at concerts? It seems terribly soon.
  13. as i said in the "Travelling Like The Light" thread, she performed this on Sheffield on Thursday. It's really good, a bit more rock-sounding than I expected.

    And she said the album is out sometime next year.
  14. I imagine it will be a re-release with the new track/s.
  15. Nope, its the second album not a re release.
    Went to see her in Sheffield on Thursday and she performed it. A new song for the new year she said ;)
    think it's bloody brilliant tbh
  16. But I repeat: where does January come from? Breakfast2, do you know more?
  17. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I look forward to her Twitter rants after she sees this thread!
  18. RRC


    Love VV Brown, but don't love this.

    What are Island playing at? Surely this'll just bolster the US release rather than signal a full-on second album assault in the new year.
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