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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. They were CD, actually; I wouldn’t buy vinyl of them hence me mentioning a desire for a signed CD tier in the post. Do these look legit? Beautiful username by the way

  2. Hey icon!

    Samson & Delilah (deluxe) and Lollipops on CD format for the first time would be something I'd happily spend money for! (Annie did the same for Dark Hearts CDs after we requested them to her and they went sold out almost immediately x)
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  3. QUEEN. Thank you for Shark In The Water, one of my top 10 favourite songs of all time. Are you gonna release Ice Cream and Unapologetic someday?
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  4. As long as I can get Travelling Like The Light and Lollipops & Politics on vinyl I'm happy. If I can get the CD version of Lollipops separate I'll get that too.

    I'm so pleased you've commented on here @JNDJLSDNSJLNCSJNSJBC, and excited for what's to come.
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  5. Are we just...not mentioning the posts from the same account in 2008 claiming not to be her?
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  6. Wait
  7. If I was a pop star I would absolutely post about myself like this on here mysteriously nn
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  8. Not gonna lie that's iconic
  9. I’m sure it’s been mentioned a lot before but can someone simplify the Kickstarter pledges for vinyl? As far as I can see there’s going to be the debut, an acoustic version of the debut, and Lollipops + Politics all pressed onto vinyl, and the £90 bundle includes all 3? Do we know if the vinyl/CDs will be available to purchase after the Kickstarter individually?
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  11. I mean what a thrill opening this thread up on a lazy Sunday! It’s also important to note the context of those older posts where it seems users were pitting ~surprise~ Black women against each other! (Literally one putting Metropolis against VV and Solanges(?) could they make it more obvious?) it seems the user @JNDJLSDNSJLNCSJNSJBC was the one calling out that treatment...

    To queen VV thank you for all the amazing music and not being afraid to follow your muse!
  12. Not sure how I lost sight of this but Lollipops & Politics finally being released on CD is a dream! Having to pledge $77 to get it however... I love ya VV but dang.
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  13. I helped fund Glitch and one of the reward categories was the signed vinyl, which I own, direct from your store at the time
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  14. The plot thickens.

    (I was actually leaning more towards the idea that she is who she says she is, as on balance it's more plausible than some rando logging in just to post about her and then returning 13 years later claiming to be her, but now I don't know what to believe.)
  15. I’m sure it’s Vanessa, I’d just imagine it’s hard to keep track of these things.
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  16. The Discogs page seems to corroborate this, too.

    “Copies ordered from her Pledgemusic page were signed on sleeve front.”


    and here:

    And she’s previously talked about signed Samson vinyls:

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  17. What if the vinyl simply wasn't signed by VV ddddd
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  18. So are there five or six vinyl?

    - The three main albums
    - Lollipop
    - Traveling Acoustic
    - B sides and stuff?

    I don’t get it because the B-Sides vinyl shows up in different pledges and I assume it’s always the same.

    I asked her too but don’t know if anyone brought light into that already here and knows.
  19. I'm not sure but it's possible the b-sides may be digital?

    The listings were/are very confusing. They needed simplifying, but it's a bit late now.
  20. Ah getting it now - b-side of vinyl includes unreleased demos just means the named vinyl in each pledge is with extras. So there are five. My bad.
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