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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. I read it as:
    Single LP: Travelling Like The Light
    Single LP: TLTL acoustic
    Single LP: Lollipops and Politics

    Theres probably space for a couple of demos on the TLTL original, and no idea how long Lollipops is meant to be in the first place, so could be plenty of space for demos there too.

    Can’t see any of them being double LPs especially since it says demos on side B, so she’d have to take the £11k or so and make sure that can fund the licensing and production costs for three records which seems doable, depending on the licensing costs. Probably have a bunch of spare records by the end of it too which she can sell for a bit more too.

    I think it’s all doable, but I probably would only expect the most basic of vinyl products (cheaper to have paper inserts, non-gatefold, etc).
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  2. Why is TTTL on vinyl £8 shipping but the vinyl whammy £2 shipping fnfndns
  3. Because this is literally an insane project.
  5. No siiiis - I mean, the lack of actual planning really managed to make none of the tiers interesting or affordable to me, which is crazy. I can only guess how much effort went into the acoustic album, the unreleased album, the B-sides etc. so why is it so hard selling it to me? Like, VV tried selling everything at the same time, when it could've easily been separate smaller campaigns or something. One solely for TTIL, one for Lollipops, one with repressing the other records/CDs... What I always wanted was a proper deluxe for "Samson & Delilah", with the three bonus tracks and the DVD with the movie. Maybe the French version of "The Apple" as well, that was a bonus too. Well, maybe the next 10thaversary.
  6. Yeah I could not make any sense out of the actual page, though I did want to Pledge to it. If Traveling Like The Light has Video Killed the Radio Star, Refresh Me, No Bonsiour/demos that would probably fit since the album is so short.
  7. Just remembered, Little Boots did this exact same thing for the 10th anniversary of "Hands". Double gold vinyl, double CD, some other smaller prizes, that was it. Perfectly clear tiers, we got 6 new demos, it was as perfect as it gets. Note the number of backers.
    Too bad we're only really dissecting this as it's closing.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Don't you mean Hands fff
  9. You're absolutely right, these late 00s alt-pop girls will be the death of me.
  10. I lub dis thread
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  11. Overall it’s been treated as a store for products that already exist rather than a campaign to get people excited. There’s meant to be some sort of energy/mood to the entire thing with the theme of “we need to group together and help raise the funds for mastering/mixing/artwork, ect.”. Obviously stretch goals and stuff like that are optional and I’m generally against all but the most basic of stretch additions.

    It genuinely misses the point of Kickstarter and is a confusing mess of rewards with a rare, desirable release of songs just plonked in the middle. Why Lollipops and Politics wasn’t the main or major focus of the “campaign” will forever escape me.

    That new Patreon campaign just continues the confusion. I’m sorry, but as previously mentioned Little Boots has shown the right way of approaching this and the numbers and response proves it - all without a million separate rewards.
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  12. Yeah, I'm very happy to throw money behind most of what was there but the overall confusion has left me not pledging.
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  13. I am still thinking about it while it should have been an easy go.

    Seeing her reply to someone she’ll add Lollipops to the vinyl package if they just pledge 150 at “No rewards” is frustrating too.

    She could have saved a lot of lifetime and energy skipping a couple letters and handwritten lyrics for clear packages.
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  14. The fact that I didn't buy the double CD thinking that it had the same tracklist of the digital formats... and I've just discovered (like, now) that Catch 22, Magical and Not Now were included at the last minute. Of course the CD is nowhere to be found now. *punches wall*
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  15. Yeah, it turned out to be a nice surprise, those three CD bonuses. I like to think that my relentless bitching made it happen!
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  16. (Most pop fans are so used to multiple bundle options for new releases now that this could've easily been done on an in-house official store and probably skipped the Kickstarter commission too).

    Either way I'm happy she reached the goal!
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  17. Ok threw money at her for the Vinyl Whammy with Lipsticks and the two Traveling version just because they are new. And I like the cause. Just bought Glitch and Samson from eBay, new and sealed for 42 Euro including postage from Switzerland. So overall I feel ok.
  18. So me following up me: I have the Vinyl Whammy (Debut, Acoustic Debut, Second album + some stuff) and don’t need it anymore. So if anyone is interested - I contacted VV and a delivery address change is possible. Had someone for it but it didn’t came to fruition. So if anyone was missing this and wants it now... contact me.
  19. Has she disabled her Patreon? Seems short lived if so. Any Kickstarter backers willing to share what the recent “bad news” update was all about?
  20. This:


    We have HAD some awful news which is completely out of our control, despite us having early conversations with our vinyl manufacturers.

    Due to Covid and Brexit all Vinyl from all distributors, nationally, are delayed and our delivery date of July has now been pushed to October.

    We have rung various places to try and find other manufacturers and express services even if it meant paying an extra cost from my own pocket but its all gone a little nuts!

    Vinyl was scheduled for pressing this month after receiving our test vinyls. Due to material shortage there is now a delay

    We will send everything to you as a digital file so you will be able to listen to the music you have purchased but our hands are tied about the new time frames for Vinyl. I am absolutely gutted.

    Please rest assured that we are making sure they are moving as fast as they can and we have been reassured that October is guaranteed.

    Everything else is on schedule.

    I am sorry to let you down with this and I feel misled as the updates from the manufacturers have always been communicated that everything is all happening on time.

    We will keep you posted.

    Red faced and sorry.

    V V
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