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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Nov 7, 2009.

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    VV's written quite a powerful piece for The Guardian about the mistreatment of Black people in the music industry, particularly black women. She praises the likes of Laura Mvula and Little Simz and throws her support behind Raye.
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  2. I read this earlier, such an interesting piece and something I've mentioned a few times regarding the mistreatment of black women in the British music industry. The number of incredible artists that have been let down by the system is crazy, and just sad.

    We should have taken notice when Estelle had to get signed in the US to finally get proper UK success, and if we're honest has the industry really improved all that much since then?
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  3. Has anyone received their Kickstarter downloads? I was only sent the Acoustic version of Traveling Like The Light. From the comments on Kickstarter, I don't think I'm the only one.
  4. Yeah I only got the acoustic album. I thought because the vinyl was delayed anybody that ordered those were getting them as digital albums, too?
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  5. That's what I thought as well. She hasn't responded to my post on Kickstarter so I have no idea anymore.
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  6. You predicted carnage.
  7. Someone hacked Dr. Dre just to shade V V?

  8. I still want to get rid of my vinyl order - I contacted her and a address change is possible. It’s the Vinyl Whammy with debut, acoustic debut and the second album. Paid 90 plus postage. So if anyone regrets not supporting, text me.
  9. Anyone here have much to say about the campaign rewards they’ve received? I didn’t back afterwards as the pre-mentioned choice paralysis struck hard.
  10. The vinyls have been delayed again. She sent out an email the other day about it. I also still haven't received my digital downloads even with numerous emails letting them know. I did however receive a printed letter and a signed picture....
  11. Apparently she received the vinyl a month ago, has anybody here had them yet? I'm confused.
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  12. :)
  13. Nope, nothing yet. She's been silent since receiving them.
  14. From the comments under the last Kickstarter post it seems nobody has had them? Damn.
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  16. I commented on an Instagram post about this, just asking for an update ...she deleted my comment.
  17. @Square rn:

  18. I really don't know what the hold up could be. She sent out an email on 3/22 saying she received the vinyl and they should be mailed out the following week. It has been well over a month.
    In non vinyl news, I still don't have my digital download...
  19. :)
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