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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Remake of the classic mini series starring Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell. It's been picked up in the UK by Sci-Fi and aired in America last night.

    Tis pretty fabby. I sense a new obsession for me!
  2. I'd never heard of V until this week. When/where was the original screened?
  3. It was a mini series in 1983. I've never seen the original but remember seeing the DVDs around in Woolworths (RIP) years ago!
  4. Elizabeth Mitchell makes me wanna be straight.

    Right now I'm trying to find torr**t of the pilot, but it is nearly impossible due to the title of the series being just one letter. Boo!
  5. Aw thought this was about the boyband until it showed in general off topic. :(
    Never heard of this though...
  6. I loved the original V. Up until the crap series it was very good. The new series looks quite good but it lacks Diana which, if you've seen the original, makes it poorer. With luck Jane Badler can be recast and we can see Diana as she was meant to be until the damn Star Child bollocks was crowbarred into the show.
  7. Search for "V S01E01"

    I wanna read up on the original but don't wanna spoil myself for anything they may re-use.
  8. Found it, thank you!
  9. It goes on an infuriatingly long hiatus after episode 4 though and won't be back til the Spring. If I was clever I would have started it four weeks before it came back on air... but I'm not clever.
  10. I download this first thing this morning!

    But yes, the only thing stopping me from watching it RIGHT NOW is the stupid hiatus it is going to go on. I feel annoyed with myself for getting into that trap with Dollhouse as it is.

    But I'm weak - I'll so watch it tonight.
  11. I just watched it and I love it. Poor Wash though, killed off again...
    I'll survive the hiatus - it is much shorter than the wait for Lost.
  12. I've heard great things about Morena Baccarin (who I adored in Firefly) in this.
  13. I wasn't allowed to watch 'V' when it originally came out - it was on too late and I was about nine. But when I saw it I loved it. Even the second 'Final Battle' mini-series, but am in agreement with Kirkland about the full TV series.

    The series' creator, Kenneth Johnson, wrote a follow-up book to the Original mini-series called 'V: The Second Generation' - lame title, I know. It was published last year, it ignores everything that followed from the original series, and worth reading if you're a V fan.

    As for this series...

    I'm not convinced. The first episode was too rushed, and should have been made feature-length. They tried to cram too much into it. They should have taken their time with both the revelation that the Visitors are lizards, and the whole 'we need to form a resistance' thing - it was clearly shoe-horned in to finish off the episode.

    Another thing that annoyed me was the use of the term 'the Vs' to describe the Visitors.

    And yes, there's no Jane Badler. Or shifted voices.


    And I really did feel like I was watching an episode of Lost.

    I'll still watch it - I'm still hoping that the trainwreck that is 'Heroes' eventually gets back on track, but I ain't holding my breath.
  14. This weeks Heroes was a real return to form!
  15. Oh God, really? I'm about 4 or 5 episodes behind on Heroes because I haven't been arsed. I'm tempted to spend an evening catching up when I've got bugger all else to do now...
  16. Yeah mainly because it was set three years in the past so we were looking at the amazing characters before their shit development. eg. Noah as a company man, Sylar as a cold blooded killer without a conscience...
  17. IotV

    IotV Guest

    I actually thought Sylar seemed out of character in it... not Zach's fault, but just poor writing. Didn't like its resolution either, although it was a pleasure to see the old character again!
  18. So what are you opinions of the 2nd episode?
  19. I really liked episode 2. It seems to be setting things up perfectly and its not too slow so I can't fault it. The snake scene had me hiding behind my hands a little bit!
  20. I'm a bit torn here - for me V still feels a bit 'not quite there'. It's like they are going too fast - like the reveal of the 'reptile' skin could be a fantastic cliffhanger - but they shown it very early.
    And with only 2 more episodes before break - I'm not sure they will be able to convince me to like it.
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