Vacuum and Marcella Detroit

Oooh .. that sounds like it could be a lovely combination .. can't listen now as I'm at work, but I'll be happy to hear Marcella again, and hopefully with some nice moody Vacuum music!


It's a nice song, i think her voice goes better with slower songs.

I had no idea who Vacuum are but letting their songs play, they're not bad at all.
vacuum are the one and only alexander bard project i just cant get into, and iv tried several times. with alexander removed, i like their songs even less. this new song has convinced me im never gonna get into them now.
Marcy is just so underrated - I thought I saw a picture of her in this months Attitude but it was just some drag queen. The song cartainly tinkles but it's too damp for her usual wintry bliss, but I will go seek out some of her solo stuff later - If really was her very own stay I think.


I quite liked Jewell. Did meander into MOR for Mum territory a bit but I'm No Angel, Perfect World and I Believe were great though...for that kind of thing.
Oh, I always adored Vacuum they have some grrrrrrrrreat hits and I think it's the greatest project of Alexander Bard ever! Though I loved Army of Lovers and Alcazar is one of my favorite bands from the beginning, but Vacuum has just blown my mind in 90s. I can't stop disappointment of what Alexander does now taking Martin after such a brilliant singers like Mattias of Vacuum and Andreas of Alcazar and after such a fabulous hits for Vacuum and Alcazar.
I Breathe
Starting (Where The Story Ended)

Now Vacuum (Mattias Lindblom and Anders Wollbeck) works more like songwriters.
They worked on:
Rachel Stevens - Negotiate With Love
Monrose - What You Don't Know
Tarja Turunen - I Walk Alone
Garou - Accidental
Florence Joy - Consequence Of Love
Nouveau Riche - Angels
Alcazar - Love Life
Natalia - A Ti
Down Below - Sand in meiner Hand
Also some songs for Cinema Bizarre, Play and other local artists.

But now they released this "Know By Now" single. Actually I like both songs.


1. Know By Now
2. My Friend Misery (Duet with Marcella Detroit)​