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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by mcuk, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. I've been really enjoying this series. It's very American and very vampiric (how could it not be?) but the soundtrack has been enjoyable as well:

    Katy Perry
    etc etc

    A bit emo, a bit pop, and a bit indie, yet still most enjoyable.

    Can someone rent us all a house in Mystic Falls? We can all spin out together,
  2. Bizarrely, I've also been enjoying this. It started out rather badly but as time has gone on, it's improved by leaps and bounds.
  3. It's a good series and seems to be approcahing it's pinnacle... What's the bets on a cliffhanger for the end of 'season 1'?
  4. I can totally predict what's going to happen.
  5. I'm guessing this is a UK pace thread - might be worth marking it as so? But having watched all of the episodes of Season 1, I can say that in the latter half of the season the show really comes into its own and the finale is rather amazing.
  6. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Ian Somerhalder do me NOW!!!!!!
  7. At UK pace we just had the "Miss Mystic Falls" episode - I really loved the bit where Elena and Damon are dancing formally to the goth-tasticness of "All I need" by Within Temptation
  8. I don't want to ruin this for anyone, but some of the latter episodes are lame due to being off the air for 5 weeks (Olympic coverage) and dropped storylines.
  9. jtm


    I don't watch it because I'm waiting for the DVD, but how could it be lame because it was off the air for 5 weeks? Production on TV series continues irregardless of episodes being aired. As for the dropped storylines... that doesn't sound good.
  10. CW don't cover the Winter Olympics do they? That's NBC I thought. It was just offline for Winter hiatus, like most shows.
  11. The finale was really good, sets up the second season perfectly, I actually didn't even think this series had a lull anywhere in it!

    Has anyone read the books? I just read the 5th one and hated it!
  12. The CW was worried about the ratings, so they decided to take a 5 week hiatus. 2 weeks due to the Olympics and the others to re-write future story-lines. For instance, Bonnie's character was missing for 4 weeks in a row despite, after a compelling scene.

    The writers only recently revealed that they never planned on the character to go AWOL for that long (supposedly on 2 weeks), but they re-wrote and cut out a lot of shit. Let's just say once she returned, people were pissed over the 'new' Bonnie.

    Also, as a massive fan of Caroline and Matt (as individuals), I thought that the writers failed to better incorporate them into the show. You could tell that the writers really struggled to develop their relationship outside of the ever annoying Elena.
  13. Right, this week they showed the finale in the UK, so we are past spoiler o'clock. (I put spoiler in bold just in case someone who hasn't watched the series decides to jump in on this page)

    WTF??? So when Damon thought he was confessing his love for Elena, it was Katherine in disguise all along? However, that ending does set us up for an amazing season opener - Katherine and Elena meeting.

    Shame Anna died, but Jeremy will get the chance to be a vampire because of her.
  14. I'm not convinced they'll turn Jeremy into a vamp; I'm sure some reset button will be pressed in the opening moments of the season.

    If they do have Elena and Katherine meeting (I'm not convinced they would blow that load so quickly) I really hope they do it justice. I'm slightly worried about how it will pan out what with them being the same actress...
  15. jtm


    I'm watching this on DVD now and have a question. I have just finished episode 7 so whoever answers me - please no spoilers beyond that.

    I generally like the series - it's beautifully shot, the cast is nice to look at, and it's never boring. BUT...

    ...what the hell is going on with this Damon character? Stefan, Elena etc. so far only half-heartedly try to stop / kill him, but he has murdered about five people on screen so far (and probably a lot more off screen). Yet they don't seem as concerned by that as they should be. The last episode ended with him deleting Jeremy's memories. That he is even allowed in this scene is so unrealistic. I mean, if he was not dark sexy vampire but a 'normal' serial killer offing people / their friends in a small town, that would be soo unacceptable.
  16. Damon's character is reigned in slightly as the season progresses, though there is never any good explanation as to why Elena turns a blind eye to his killing and abuse sprees. As for Stefan, it's assumed there is some kind of brotherly loyalty stopping him from doing away with Damon properly.

    Basically, it's the most stupid thing about the series really that one of it's villains is never probably challenged.
  17. jtm


    Yes, I agree. I'm now at the end of episode 10 (The Turning Point) and everything else about the series is absolutely amazing. The stuff about Damon still bothers me, but I will look the other way for now.

    I always thought that this series was a stupid idea and afraid that it would be twilight-ish, but it's actually on of the best shows on TV right now. Except for Supernatural, of course.
  18. The first episode in Season two, was amazing. Katherine is flawless and Caroline is the only good girl that I don't hate. Damon continues to be an idiot, while Stefan demonstrates that he's crazier than his brother.

  19. jtm


    Anyone following season 2 as well?

    It started off pretty good, but lost a bit of steam lately. The storyline right now is a bit predictable and I kinda miss the gothic feel and tension of season 1.
  20. I'm still enjoying the show. I'm surprised that Katherine is still around - I thought she was a dead cert to be offed at some point, especially given how awkward it is to see how badly they always want to avoid Katherine/Elena scenes.

    I'm liking the show's exploration of it's own mythology and the werewolf thing finished at just the right time, though Tyler is obviously about to undergo the clich├ęd off-screen character development.

    The only thing which bugs me about this show is how young Jenna looks and how she is oblivious - a situation which has to be rectified!
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