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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by mcuk, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Which scene? I don't watch anymore so I'm intrigued.
  2. She tells Stefan she hates him, I'm sure they'll have her interact with him in the next episode and all will be forgotten.
  3. So this show is finally coming to an end. It's about time, I must say.
  4. I haven't seen anything from the final year but as of season six Bonnie is the only decent character on the show. Katherine Pierce was the ultimate icon, queen of subterfuge and survival. That moment in the season one finale with the knife is still probably my favourite scene on the whole show.
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  5. I didn't stick with this long after Nina left, I read Julie Plec saying it would become more about the brothers relationship and considering I came to loathe Damon and found Stefan a bore it didn't sound appealing. I kind of wish I had stuck with it that little bit longer just so I could have an emotional breakdown tonight when it ends but my Mum who has stuck with it told me there has been a quite bad siren story this final season.
  6. I'll be watching, but I'm scared what they will do to Katherine Pierce in this last episode.
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  7. I've been caught up on the show but it's been years since I watched episodes live. I just finished watching the last five episodes today so all that's left is the two-hour finale tonight and I am so devastated. I'm ready for my queen's return though, in the flesh.
  8. Amen to that. Hopefully they give her a good death (because we know she's going to inevitably die). #JusticeForKatherinePierce
  9. Elena's exit showed that the series could perfectly go on without her, as it allowed other females take center stage, which was great for Bonnie and Caroline, and also Enzo, who became a great addition to the main cast. But season 6 was still bad - writers obviously didn't know how to drag the show for 22 episodes. It should have been the last season.
    This time we got many actors from previous seasons making cameos (Kai is still amazing). It's hard to say if the writing got better. I'm only watching it because it's the final season and I want to see the end after eight (!) years. I hope they somehow bring Enzo back and Bonnie will be happy after all, along with Caroline. It's funny how these three became my favorites and I don't care about the original three leads.
  10. It's a shame that the show became so mediocre but I'm looking forward to the finale just cos I wanna see how they'll finish it.
  11. Less than ten minutes, I'm not ready.
  12. That's must have been the most non-eventful The Vampire Diaries episode I've ever seen.

    It's not necessary that it was bad, and I honestly do not care anymore about "ships" and what have you, but that was just not great television at all, even by their recent standards.
  13. I'm broken and sad. I liked what I saw a lot. I liked the guest appearances, the voiceover, the ending scenes. I'm very sad that Stefan died though and he and Caroline never got their real life together.
  14. I actually thought, after dropping this show mid season 7 and watching the last two episodes, this was a really great end to the series. I read about the whole Siren storyline which sounds sucky, but thank god they pulled it out of the bag a little with that finale.

    I would say that, aside from Jeremy, every single main character from the show was given a fitting storyline and send-off, no matter how small of a moment. Even Jenna’s brief appearance in the penultimate scene gave brief closure to her character. It was nice seeing Jeremy, however it struck me as hugely odd that they didn’t have any sort of reunion with Elena to show how they’ll be in each other’s lives going forward.

    All in all, I was glad they refocused back on the main and extended characters predominantly from the first 2/3 seasons as that’s when the show was great fun to watch.
  15. I quit the show periodically through the years, but would often find myself coming back because I'd catch sight of gifs on Tumblr (e.g. the season 6 storyline with Bonnie/Damon/Kai in the prison world made me come back after I quit in early season 5). Bonnie and the Bennett witches were my favourite thing about the show from the early days despite how poorly the shows treated them, so that finale scene with all of them coming together to banish the hellfire made me cry. It was beautiful. All the little callbacks, the high school, Tiki's Granddad randomly showing up and asking about her -- warmed my cold, dead heart.

    I think the endings work for Bonnie and Caroline, my faves. Now both can go and have their adventures. It's poetic justice of some sort. I couldn't really get into Damon and Elena's stuff in this episode, neither was ever my favourite, and also both actors looked awkward in their interactions. I did have a prickle in my eye when boozy aunt Jenna showed up and John, and of course, Damon's last line, "Hello, brother."

    The Vampire Diaries was very special to me in those early seasons, I met a lot of friends through the fandom, wrote a lot and made a shitload of art, even had a horrible stint as a moderator on the big forum before we shut it down way back when. So it will always hold a special place in my heart in spite of how terribly inconsistent and lost up its own mythology's arse it became.
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  16. I loved it, thought it was a lovely way to end the series. Felt Katherine was a little underused as the final big bad (due to Nina's agreement to only appear in the finale, I suppose) but she still slayed nonetheless.

    I cried at many different points, Elena telling Caroline that Stefan said to tell her he "heard her" broke me.

    I love a good happy ending so I was pleased. Especially for poor Vicki Donovan. Always thought that poor girl was unnecessarily tortured throughout the series!

    It's somewhat not a happy ending for Caroline though... Literally *everyone* will die and she'll still be alive. I hope she makes some life-ling vampire friends. What a gal.
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  17. Stefan and Lexi reuniting also made me cry. She appeared in so few episode but was definitely one of the best recurring characters the show's ever had.
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  18. Can they push Caroline over to The Originals so I don't have to see her on something I watch for a while? No shade to the actress who did a really nice job when Caroline became a new vampire, but the writing for her has been awful for at least two seasons and I groan now every time I see her. The whole magical pregnancy and half-hearted romance with Alaric was a choice, and before that the whole thing with Stefan was baffling. Like...he didn't think about her in that way at all but on screen it just felt like Caroline wore him down so much that he just started dating her anyway. Like she just willed that whole relationship into existence because she wanted it. I don't like him either so their scenes together were doubly annoying for me.

    I'll still probably watch season eight if it comes to Netflix UK though.
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  19. I don't want Caroline anywhere near Klaus or The Originals. That letter thrown in there was so freaking dirty and tactless.
  20. Well, that final scene managed to fuck me up. The episode on the whole was as bad as the show had become in general, but I absolutely loved seeing everyone back for the finale. I really respect that the creators would suggest it and the actors would agree to do it.
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