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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by mcuk, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Truly beautiful ending to a magnificent series. Sure, it had its ups and downs like any show - I for one enjoyed the Sirens - but that was a really nice ending. Whilst I'm devastated at the deaths, I'm glad they didn't just have everyone survive. The show has always been about loss and coping with it, so going from the grief of the first episode to the peace and acceptance of the last one is truly a great message. Having almost everyone reappear in the finale (Emily Bennett and the Originals are the only major ones missing I believe) was a fitting touch, and each character's epilogue was delivered beautifully. Could not ask for a more perfect ending.
  2. Katherine didn't reunite with Nadia, though.

    I guess the "female Damon" doesn't get the same treatment as him, does she. Dot dot dot.
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  3. Nadia was pretty much guaranteed to be in Hell as well, so they would have reunited in some form.
  4. I'm cool with the arch villain of the series not getting a happy ending.

    Remember how incredible the show was from the mid point of season 1 to the start of season 4? A show could never keep up that kind of momentum but wow that was great stuff.
    For a little while it felt like it could rival Buffy, especially around the climax of Season 2 when everything was really building up to the Sun and the Moon curse ritual. It did kind of fall apart eventually but for a few seasons this was one of my favourite things on tv.
  5. I presumed Nadia would have found peace to be honest?
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  6. Exactly, same?

    And this idea of Katherine as the big villain of the show is ridiculous anyway? She saved the "good guys" (and that's a big fat reach for them, except BonBon) more times than anyone else. She's less of a villain than Klaus, for Christ's sake. And they made such a huge deal for the first three (possibly four) seasons of portraying her as someone deeply human despite it all.

    The show did try very hard to make her seem more villainous than she really was after that, though, I'll admit. I remember in season 5, the episode she was supposed to die, Matt said something like "She killed my sister"... Betch, where? And the audacity™ of Damon saying something like "Exactly!" when he was essentially the one behind it all.
  7. I wish they had thought of the Hell stuff in advance. Having Katherine dragged to Hell whilst other evil individuals like Kol safe on the Other Side (at least temporarily) just seems strange, especially since the Originals were around for far longer. Perhaps Cade knew that she would make a good second-hand and later successor.
  8. Yeah the whole Hell thing was badly executed. I love Katherine, but this idea that she had "The Devil wrapped around her little finger" is the laziest writing ever. She's a great manipulator and a pretty woman, alright, but God.

    Plus the fact that Hellfire (apparently coming from Hell.......) could destroy Hell itself? .......................... Okay..........

    They had such a great mythology from the first three seasons and then they started butchering it. It doesn't even make any sense at this point which is a shame.
  9. After the third season the mythology in the show really did become weak and full of holes, not to mentioned they crammed so much of it. And somehow we're supposed to believe that a lot of these things existed without the Original Family knowing? I just found it strange that Silas existed, someone said to be the most evil person or whatever, in the world and yet no mention of him by the Originals. The scene where they're trash-talking Katherine before she dies is iconic of only for the song playing.
  10. Sometimes I think about the show it could have been if they'd dug deeper into the mythology of this hellmouth of a town itself, if they'd played more with the legacy and history of Bennett line of witches and the Lockwood werewolves, the Founders' Council, and the Gilbert hunters, and I guess Matt's bell-ringing family. Unfortunately, the second the originals rocked up, the show lost its way trying to set them up for a spin-off. And the focus on ~Elena~ and the Salvatore Bros at the expense of everyone else, limited the show. By the time we'd finally got rid of Klaus, instead of going back to the much more fascinating and intimate storylines of season one and early season two, they felt they had to go ~bigger~ and we got stuck with that Silas nonsense, the bloody cure, the Travelers, the Other Side.

    Kai could have presented a really exciting opportunity and return to form because he was a manageable villain, charismatic, funny, like season one Damon except even meaner. And it would have allowed for some cool exploration of witchcraft. Instead, they wasted him. Season seven could have been another return to form with Mama Salvatore's crew and the Armory, two contained and potentially interesting antagonists, but they wasted that too. It's a real shame. It'll always be a whole lot of wasted potential instead of the brilliant show those first couple of seasons set it up to be.
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  11. Katherine did not deserve the ending she got. I liked her being the final baddie to end the series, but that doesn't mean she deserved what she got. She had a horrific backstory and reacted to it the same way literally *everyone* in this show does. She was a selfish bitch... So was every one else though. Don't get it. They did so much redemption work with her in season 5 and took it all away last minute by having her take over Elena's body. That always left a bad taste in my mouth. It didn't work.

    And didn't Damon, like, kill Elena's fella in season 5 after she broke up with him (Damon)? Am I remembering that right? Hmm. OK. But somehow Katherine is "worse". Suuuuure.
  12. He did. He also killed Jeremy and Katherine was the one to save him, although she was pretending to be Elena, so there's that.

    The portraying of Damon in the later seasons is rather...odd.
  13. Them attempting to frame Katherine as the greatest and worstest villain ever after that one episode in season 5 where Stefan outright states that she's a survivor, and so much of her circumstances forced her to become that way is highkey gross and quite laughable. Stefan slaughtered whole towns, there's no way he has less blood on his hands than Katherine does.
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  14. Oh my god I totally forgot about that Nadia scene. Slay, girl.
  15. One two second cameo showing Katherine and Nadia in the afterlife is all that was needed like. Out of all the characters on this show, she really did deserve to find peace. I hope she did.

    The Vampire Diaries (for me anyway) lost its spark in season 5, and really lost it after they offed Katherine mid-way through that season. But at least we were lucky enough to get the first few seasons. Quality television.
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  16. The Vampire Diaries is a textbook example of what happens when writers start letting shippers (who I fucking hate) dictate the course of the show.

    See also: Olicity and Season 3 of Arrow.

    Season 2 was close to a perfect season of television. Just break neck narrative from start to finish with almost no weak episodes in the bunch. The wheels starting coming a little loose in Season 3, and by Season 4 is was truly coming apart at the seams.

    I jumped ship before Season 5 and I never looked back.

    Also Ian Somerhalder did a good job of portraying Damon very subtly in the early seasons, but by Season 4 he was nigh unwatchable with his constant mugging.
  17. The second season was literally one of the best TV had to offer back then, maybe even now. The twists, the plots, the characters. Katherine and Klaus were phenomenal.

    I actually didn't mind season 5. The first few episodes were quite enjoyable, but the Passengers story got boring real fast. I'm not even sure I finished that season at all, in fact. Pretty sure I stopped at 5x17 or something.

    Then later on, I watched season 6 - which I thought was very refreshing if only for Bonnie and Damon, who probably showed more chemistry towards eachother than Nina and Ian ever did. ( I don't want to partake in any ship wars because I find them silly, but on the other hand, the chemistry between Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev was always quite astounding, whether Stefan was with Elena or Katherine. Hell even Silas and Amara, in fact. )
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  18. I died at the scene where Stefan was talking about Katherine was essentially a victim of her circumstances. Just thinking about that scene tears my heart in two. It was such a beautiful scene.

    I loved Katherine and wish she'd gotten a better ending. I just really don't understand how she's so deserving of Hell over Stefan. I don't even get why Kade supposedly liked her so much. She really wasn't that evil. Then again, I've only watched through each season once, so.
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  19. Finally finished the last season... dear me was that a chore.

    Nina Dobrev coming back for the last ep was a treat, but I was so confused by the end I didn't care that much.
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  20. Sorry to bump this thread - I recently started watching this show on Netflix for the first time, and it was nice to see what other people thought of it.

    Right now, I'm in the middle of the second season. Although I haven't liked this season as much as the first season (I don't like Caroline as a vampire, the mythology is starting to get convoluted, and I miss the Anna/Jeremy relationship,) the show as a whole is still pretty decent. I agree with the posters upthread who said that Queen Katherine Pierce should have gotten a spin-off.

    My only "quibble" at this point is the Damon/Elena/Stefan "triangle." I know that Elena and Damon get together in the later seasons (which I *really* don't want to see,) but right now, Damon is just disgusting, and I don't get the appeal. I still can't believe how quickly Elena forgave him after he killed her brother, and the smarmy "flirting" and the constant leering at her - when the character is only supposed to be 16 or 17 at this point - makes me uncomfortable.

    Anyway, I've read the recaps for future seasons and I've heard it gets particularly bad once Elena becomes a vampire and Elena/Damon get together, so I'll keep watching until then.
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