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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by mcuk, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Honestly, I have never, ever understood why we were supposed to support Damon and Elena. They always seemed to be awful for each other, but then again it might just be because of Elena.
  2. Has anyone been watching Legacies?
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  3. I'm still working my way through the second season** (so maybe this changes in later seasons,) but I guess the "appeal" between Damon and Elena is supposed to be that he's the "bad boy" who changes because of love. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have chemistry and he's nice to look at it, so I understand why the Delena fans pushed for them to be together, but the Damon character is immensely problematic as written. He kills people for the hell of it, and the fact that he compels women to fall in love with him/have sex with him is really creepy.

    At this point in the series, I still like the Elena character, although I understand she becomes incredibly selfish and self-absorbed when she becomes a vampire (a.k.a. the point when Kevin Williamson stopped writing for the series.) Maybe I won't mind Damon as much by that point.

    ** = It's funny, because I binge-watched the first season in like two days, but this second season has taken me longer. It's still a good show at this point, but the plotlines are starting to get a bit convoluted, so I'm not liking it as much as the first season, which I thought was relatively cohesive with the tomb vampires storyline. I also really miss some of the more ambiguous tertiary characters like Anna and Pearl.

    I heard the first season is really good! My plan is to finish the first three seasons of Vampire Diaries and to then start on Legacies if we're still quarantine in that point (which we probably will be.)
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  4. Elena used to be one of my favourites, but there's a scene in one of the later seasons where Caroline basically reads her for filth for all of the hypocritical things that Elena does, and it kinda made me realise how shitty her character is.
  5. Without watching any Originals in between? The Originals are definitely generally inferior to Vampire Diaries seasons 01-03 but Legacies is kind of a direct continuation of the Originals. Not sure if you would actually need to watch one to better get what's going on in the other though, as I have never watched Legacies and do not intend to...
  6. Vampire Diaries for the first 2/3 seasons was a good low brow show, and it gradually turned into complete self-parody shit.
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  7. I've watched 'Legacies' and it's not really good.

    The mood is like drastically different to both Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but they also try way too hard at being the new Buffy....which is not that uncommon with series within the drama genre, it's a standard afterall, and even TVD gave it a try...but, oof, the desperation is just so much more obvious in 'Legacies'.

    Also too many musicals...
  8. I never really cared for Elena and the brothers, and the last seasons were a waste of time. The show peaked around seasons 3 and 4, because at that point some of the characters started showing real growth and were worth rooting for - like Caroline, Bonnie and, to some extent, Matt - and the show looked a bit more mature than the teenage love affair it was initially. Enzo also had his moments later on. Also there were hotties like Elena's brother and Tyler (not good actors though) and my favorite villains Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Kol (Nate Buzolic) and Kai (Chris Wood). I actually hoped that Kai would never leave the screen, he was (and still is) so fine.
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  9. The seasons best to worst are:


    And Katherine is the best thing to happen to the series.

    That’s tea and I won’t hear any more of it.
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  10. Probably the same fans that wanted Buffy and Spike together.
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  11. I actually think Tyler's actor, when he was given material, was a pretty decent CW actor. I mean, his werewolf transformation scenes were quite harrowing.

    Ultimately I agree with @CIOB that it was all about Katherine Pierce. She was the star of the show.
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  12. I just finished watching Season 3, where they really started pushing the Elena/Damon pairing towards the end, and I actually had to fast forward through some of their scenes. I understand the show was produced before #MeToo, but it's bizarre that no one on the show seems to care that Damon spent a good chunk of the preceding three seasons compelling women to have sex with him (including Caroline!), essentially assaulted Elena by putting his blood in her mouth so she'd come back as a vampire if Klaus killed her at the end of the second season, and killed Jeremy at the beginning of Season 2 just to spite her when she said she didn't want to be with him.

    Like . . . I get that they're vampires and killing people is what they do, but I'm surprised that there wasn't more pushback from the general public re: that pairing. I've already read the recaps for the last season so I know what happens - but when I get to the last episode, I'm going to pretend that both brothers die in the hellfire and that Elena forges her own identity apart from them. (Which, as I understand it, is how Kevin Williamson originally wanted the show to end.)
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