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  • Beau Clark

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  • James Kennedy

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  • Jax Taylor

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Rachel looking at the mess she has created:
Even if you ignore the scandal, this was the best episode in years. Classic VPR petty mean girl nonsense. Charli & Raquel ditching Katie's sad divorce trip after dragging Lala ffskdfjskfjsl. Krisqueena Kelly earned that friend-of check too!

I can't believe Jax & Brittany are on WWHL next week. Bring on the mess.
Having to wait for that Tom/Ariana confrontation is going to be tough... that explosive conversation is the only thing I need in my life right now. I also wonder if they've had to go back and re-edit any of the upcoming episodes to reflect where things have ended up. Needless to say, we need them shooting Season 11 A-S-A-P.