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I'm so excited this show is back!! Then again, going through a divorce in my mid-30s right now, it can feel a bit triggering. You know that it's our time. These are the best days of our lives. Crying face emoji.

I loved how they used flashbacks to center Ariana being back at TomToms. I know a lot of people are sick of Scandoval but there's a lot of emotional turmoil they could play into as long as the producers know what they're doing. But do they? Only time will tell. Let's not waste these live viewing numbers.
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It made sense even if I was a little tired - they picked up filming three months after the affair broke. 3 months is a pretty short amount of time to process a 7+ year relationship, not to even mention the other sordid details.

But I'm hopeful that we can move on to some good stuff in the coming episodes.
Katie is still the most stifling, negative presence on any Bravo show. Wherever you go, there she is. I thought the premiere was fine, clearly nothing much was happening while they tried to pin down whether Raquel was returning. Lala frustrates me to no end because I want to like her, I just can't. She's so insufferable. I have a feeling this season is going to be a spectacular flop and will be back to season 9 viewership by the end dd.
I have a feeling this season is going to be a spectacular flop and will be back to season 9 viewership by the end dd.
I don't know, the investment in those who discovered the show through Scandoval and have gone back and binged it all, will be strong.

Starting S3 last night, and it's amazing how much LVP used to film, whilst also still on RHOBH, compared to her one scene cameos now. The fact Pump is already shut down... hahaha
This season is still hitting just right for me.

It's wild to watch Vanderpump Rules and feel kind of seen. A lot of the issues the current cast is struggling through are really speaking to me and I hate that about myself.

I don't know what James was expecting. (Yah, I know he has his own issues.) Sandoval will never take accountability.
She might've aged out of pageants, but Rachel is still wearing those pageant gowns - this time at New York Fashion Week for the Glaudi by Johana Hernandez runway show. The dresses are almost as tacky as she is!


No comments about the latest episode. I think that says a lot about the 'quality' of this season.

They completely dropped the ball.
Yeah it’s really dry and the storylines just aren’t there to continue, especially without Raquel. If the cast don’t want to speak to Tom S then it really won’t go anywhere than boring events and dinner dates like the emo party and IV drip. Which have all been done a million times by Kardashians.

I think a whole new cast of bar staff are needed for next year with Lisa. The old cast can do cameos if needed. I’m not sure why Ariana is even filming.