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Vanessa Amorosi - V (5th Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blayke, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they push back this album release. The singles have performed horribly!
  2. i dont think they can now the album cover has been released and her site has announced its out end of october cant see it being pushed back this close to the date
  3. They pushed Somewhere in the Real World back pretty close to the release date, even though the cover had been released (which they later changed.)

    I'd be surprised if this isn't pushed back. And if it isn't it will bomb.
  4. I really hope it is pushed back and Vanessa comes at us with a stomper of a single and then the album. The first two singles have been incredibly dismal, though I don't mind them.
  5. Isnt she big in oz though? surly the album will go top ten?

    gossip is such a bad first single choice Amazing is a great 2nd single but she hardly promoted gossip i dont understand the logic behind it
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha.

    No! Sorry if that sounds mean but she really isn't! She has the occasional hit single but 95% of the population probably don't even know she's got songs out at the moment.
  7. Amazing does absolutely nothing for me. Blah.
  8. Absolutely correct. She's actually quite popular but mainstream radio don't support her that much.
  9. She was pretty huge back in the day wasn't she? Before she disappeared for a century.
  10. The video for Amazing has been out for almost a month now and has 13,000 views on youtube. Lord.
  11. The first single off her last album went to number 1.
    Nothing to be sneezed at!
    The two singles she has released have been sub-par.
    That is why she is failing.

    Album tracklisting.
    01. Amazing
    02. With Or Without You
    03. I Always Wanted To Do That
    04. I'm Coming In
    05. Size Of Your Heart
    06. Ice Cream (ftg. Chiddy Bang)
    07. Gossip
    08. I Really Like You
    09. Just Say Yes (ftg. John Rzeznik)
    10. Got
    11. Hot Summer
    12. I'm Gonna Rock It
    13. Amazing (Almighty DJs' Summer Club Mix)
  12. Thanks for that Aussie.

    I'm currently cringing at the trite "Hot Summer" title. I also thought that Almighty were over in terms of remixes?
  13. J1


    1999/2000 Vanessa would not be impressed with 2011 Vanessa. She needs to at least try and create an album as incredible as her debut. The only impressive thing she's done since then is Hazardous (the song, not the album).
  14. I swear Perfect was the biggest radio hit of 2008 or something.

    The new stuff appears to be bombing hard though. And really it deserves to. She can do so much better. She needs to stop writing her own songs.
  15. Yay,can't wait for the new album.I really looove V,her voice is one of my favourittes in female pop music;p The second would be Celine of course;p But back to Vanessa,I love her since the "absolutely everybody" days.I remember when I bought "the power"cd in 2001 and played in non stop for next 6 months;D "Hazardous' the cd is great,definitely her best work.
  16. J1


    The album is quite average, and at times just downright bad. The best songs on the album (''Amazing'', ''With Or Without You, ''Just Say Yes'', ''Got'') are still nothing special and don't even come close to measuring up to her previous work. Overall, 2/5. Very disappointing.
  17. has this album leaked then??
  18. The album sucks. Ice Cream is career ending stuff.
  19. J1


    Not that I know of. There are 1:30 previews on iTunes though.

  20. i cant hear could someone upload for me??
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