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Vanessa Carlton : 'Future Pain' & 6th album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, May 9, 2019.

  1. Oh I love this, the twangy guitars elevate it to another level and it's a slight change of pace for her.
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  2. Loving this look for her! The production is fantastic, the lyrics are pretty great (Bad boys become sad boys, It's only cute when you’re young ddd) and that breakdown at the end is rather lovely. Even more perched for the album.
  3. Album is called Love Is An Art and is coming Spring 2020.

  4. Wow. So here for this. The title track is AMAZING too. I saw her play it on her last tour like...3 years ago, and it was so beautiful then, so I can’t wait to hear it now.
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  5. "Future Pain" gets better with every listen.
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  6. I just saw the video pop up in her Twitter. So good!

    That instrumental tag at the end of the song gets me every time.... whew.
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