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Vanessa Carlton : Love Is An Art (new album & tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, May 9, 2019.

  1. The Goddess known as Vanessa Carlton is returning in various forms in the near future. As such, I'm creating a proper thread for her.

    The past several months have seen several fairly direct mentions of her new album (her 6th studio album... so we'll just call it VC6) on Twitter & Insta.

    I was holding off on creating thread, until there was more concrete announcement, but feel there is enough mentions by her to warrant a thread. She said on a recent Instagram:

    "The last album (Liberman) was an earthly seance....and the next will be a trip to the moon. "

    Sign me up for that trip.

    If that wasn't exciting enough, a few hours ago she announced on her Twitter that she will be making her broadway debut...

    AS CAROLE FUCKING KING!!! ... in the show Beautiful On Broadway.

    Forget wigs being gone, I'm having an out of body experience right now

    Anyways, @DJHazey 's iconic rate proved to me there's more love for Nessa on the forum than I ever really realized, so I'll be excited to read everyone's thoughts as this new era unfolds. Every V era is special, but this one could send us to the moon.
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  2. @Music Is Life : Giving you a courtesy tag here, as I remembered you asked me to when this thread launched.
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  3. I feel like I need to go to NYC for the first time in my life
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  4. Thank you! So excited for this album.
  5. Didn’t she say last year this would come in the autumn? So excited for this <3
  6. Random question but does anyone know where I could listen to M.A.K.E.L.O.V.E.T.O.M.E?
  7. I remember that in some Insta stories she said she had basically finished recording so hopefully the album is in the very last stages. To be honest I wouldn't mind some more variation with instruments and rhythm this time around (so I hope to god that we won't get an album sounding like those six covers please and thank you).
  8. Love Is An Art

    There are some clips of two songs on her Instastory, too – the title track with electronic-y floaty bits and another one with crashing pianos and it sounds heavenly.
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  9. It's being mastered already?!?!?!

    Hopefully we'll get a single for the summer then. <3

    I just gave Liberman a spin and Blue Pool sent me.
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  10. She really sounds like Carole King.
  11. She is going to play Carole King??? I MUST get to New York...holy shit.
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  12. New single is coming tomorrow!!!!!

  13. Actually it's already on the article at just used an embed.

    I reeeeaaaally like it.

    My heart will not be able to take a new Mandy album & new Vanessa album to start off the '20's.
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  14. Oooo I love this!
    And imagine if Nelly was releasing a new album too.
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  15. Haha! I literally just said the same thing a bit ago. My 00's Holy Trinity...
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  16. Great minds think alike haha!
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  17. At the 2.00 something mark I was like "oh ok it's done. Pretty". And then BANG.

    What a woman.
  18. This is great - packs a lot into its short length too! Felt the same as you, @Verandi expecting it to be the end at around 2 minutes before the outro kicks in.
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  19. I really like "Future Pain." The chorus melody is lush, and the surrounding production is a nice, deep change from some of the other recent things she's done. I'm excited now!
  20. Her and Mandy should do a joint tour. Maybe Michelle Branch can join them as well.
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