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Vanessa Carlton : Love Is An Art (new album & tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, May 9, 2019.

  1. Oh I love this, the twangy guitars elevate it to another level and it's a slight change of pace for her.
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  2. Loving this look for her! The production is fantastic, the lyrics are pretty great (Bad boys become sad boys, It's only cute when you’re young ddd) and that breakdown at the end is rather lovely. Even more perched for the album.
  3. Album is called Love Is An Art and is coming Spring 2020.


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    Wow. So here for this. The title track is AMAZING too. I saw her play it on her last tour like...3 years ago, and it was so beautiful then, so I can’t wait to hear it now.
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  5. "Future Pain" gets better with every listen.
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  6. I just saw the video pop up in her Twitter. So good!

    That instrumental tag at the end of the song gets me every time.... whew.
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  7. I disliked Love Is an Art when she debut it live. Not excited that it's also the name of the album. Maybe the studio production will work its magic.

    Future Pain on first listen was disappointing, it's kinda like her song My Best. But as soon as that instrumental kicks in... wow. She mentioned a couple years ago if she went on tour again that she wanted a full band this time. And it's obvious by the way Future Pain explodes in the end.

    As much as I love her and Skye Steel's work ethic at live shows, it would be awesome if she had a live band with her.

    She picked a new producer for this album Dave Fridmann who has produced a ton of The Flaming Lips albums. I'm very curious what they cooked up together.

    I always pictured her going electronic, she's hinted at it numerous times in the past. But she really wants live instruments. It's going to sound big. Can't wait.
  8. I forgot, but she said "Spring 2020" for the album on her Instastory a few weeks ago.
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  9. Just found this thread for the new album and I'm going to share that I saw her on Beautiful last year and she was very good. I actually don't think she sounds anything like Carole King so I was a little surprised at the announcement but she availed herself during the show.

    I've seen the show several times before (with Melissa Benoist, Abby Mueller, and a couple of others) and she did okay compared to those professional actors.

    I look forward to her new album.
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  10. That is correct.
  11. New Love Is An Art tour dates.

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  12. Possible album art?


    It's from the ticketing pages when you can add an autographed CD/vinyl to your order. It matches the design of Future Pain, but likely a placeholder.
  13. Yeah, I had a fail last night at midnight. I immediately posted the YouTube link for 'The Only Way To Love' as an FYC in the monthly chart thread, but forgot to post it her thread here.

    I like it. It's also another song co-written by the fantastic Tristen. I wonder how many songs she co-wrote with Vanessa on the album.
  14. 11 tracks out 27th March 2020.
    1. I Can't Stay The Same
    2. Companion Star
    3. I Know You Don't Mean It
    4. Die Dinosaur
    5. Love Is An Art
    6. Future Pain
    7. Back To Life
    8. Patience
    9. The Only Way To Love
    10. Salesman
    11. Miner's Canary
    I spotted a comment about a bonus track "Break To Save" but can't find this mentioned anywhere else.
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  16. [​IMG]

    New track is great, but I feel like this won't be an album of standalone songs and more the sum of its parts, like the last (fantastic) two. Also, two months isn't too long a wait? Also also, so glad she's back to proper album covers; I wonder which song will have the catch a tiger by its tail reference.
  17. I love the new song. Wow. Love this big epic rock sound she’s going for this time around.
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