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Vanessa Williams

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TurnTable, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Post of the day. Yesterday or today, take your pick.
  2. Where are the expanded editions of her albums?
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  3. Hope they follow soon, no idea though!
  4. Considering she had a career rebirth with Ugly Betty and gay people seem to love her, I'm shocked she never went back and released another pop album. Her music style switch is so drastic I never can comprehend it.
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  5. Well I think it had to do with the HUGE success of Save Best For Last. She then had. Love Is. Colors of the Wind. Not to mention Dreamin. I remember when The Sweetest Days was released I was so dismayed at no uptempo songs though there were some good tunes. Would love to have a full out pop album from here.
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  6. A full blown pop album from Vanessa, would have been most welcome. Beautiful voice.
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  7. THIS performance
  8. Absolute tune this!!
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  9. It's literally a human rights violation that Running Back to You (Vanessa's Radio Edit) isn't on streaming. The album version is terrible in comparison.

    It's not even on YouTube, though the 12" version is:

    Incidentally, her first Christmas album, Star Bright, is excellent. Her second, Silver & Gold... is not.
  10. Long overdue to be on streaming! Hopefully one day. Excellent remix.
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