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Vangelis RIP

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, May 19, 2022.

  1. Vangelis has died at the age of 79.

    Best known for composing music for films such as Chariots of Fire & Blade Runner as well as working with Jon Anderson of Yes as Jon & Vangelis.

  2. Oh, that's sad to hear. He had such an impact on soundtrack music, and music in general.
  3. RIP Βαγγέλη
  4. I listened to 666 by Aphrodite's Child the other night - a PJ-unfriendly album if I ever heard one - and it still stands up over 50 years later as a dizzying whirl of psychedelia that's not quite like any other record I've ever heard. And that was only the start of the great man's career.

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  5. He made some amazing music in his time.
    My faves are
    I hear you now
    State of independence
    both with Jon Anderson
    Chariots of Fire

    and for me the best was his "Blade Runner" Soundtrack Album from 1982 - to be listened to back to back on headphones with Passengers Original Soundtracks Vol 1 (from 1995)!
  6. Best composer ever.

    Blade Runner alone is one of the greatest pieces of music, yet he made so many others that are sublime. And he has made albums that I still haven't got around to yet from more recent years.
  7. OMG!

    I will play the Blade Runner soundtrack to commemorate this audible genius
  8. Heart attack apparently, so sad.
    Thank you for so much wonderful music but especially for Blade Runner, my favourite soundtrack ever.
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  9. It's quite surprising to me that Vangelis was not nominated for either Blade Runner or Missing. I suppose because he won the year prior for Chariots of Fire the Academy perhaps felt he didn't need to be nominated again, but Blade Runner and Missing are stellar pieces of work.

    Listening to the 2003 Odyssey collection. Great collection. Will also have to pull out my 2012 2-CD collection.

    Vangelis reminded me a bit of Prince. He was very protective and territorial about his work, which is understandable. I know fans have wanted a release of the full Blade Runner score for many years.
  10. I've heard his death was Covid-related, a sad reminder that the pandemic still isn't gone. May he rest in peace, and his genius will always stay with us.

    Some faves:

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  11. Does a soundtrack have to be officially released to be eligible for Oscar nomination? Because neither Blade Runner nor Missing got physical releases until years later (in fact, is Missing from his catalogue?).
  12. Good question. I don’t know all the rules for Best Original Score but I know there are specific ones for song. Maybe you are right and a physical release was required.

    Crazy to think Blade Runner’s score was not released until later. But a reminder that the film was not revered in 1982 as it is in 2022.
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