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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. This was supposed to be a thread for the show ''The Unit'' but as requested, discuss any Idol-related variety shows here.
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  2. As for The Unit, the show is basically a Produce 101 for flop and nugu idols. According to Soompi, the show aims to create two K-pop unit groups, male and female. Each group will have 10 members and they will promote to 7 months (originally 14 months but they reduced it after music companies voiced their opposition against it).

    Contestants (so far):

    Dal*Shabet : Serry - Woohee
    T-ara : Areum
    DIA : Yebin - Somyi
    Brave Girls : Eujeong - Eunji - Yuna
    1NB : Leeda - Ha Jung
    Wa$$up : Nara - Jiae
    Tiny-G : Mint
    Spica : Jiwon
    Wanna.B : Ami - Lina
    Seol Ha Yoon
    (former) Girl's Day : Jisun
    Melody Day
    (former) April : Hyunjoo
    Boys Republic
    MR MR
    Top Secret (all members except Wooyeong)
    MAX : Shin Seong Hoon (who dat?)
    AA : Hoik
    KPJ : Alouder98
    Soloist : Kanto
    A.C.E : Jun
    Topp Dogg
    One of AOA members

    The show is expected to air in October.
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  3. I have a feeling this new JYP survival show will be incredibly boring but I'm gonna remain perched for now.
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  4. This Sixteen shade. I'm dead.
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  5. My Dal Shabet queens better get some money off this.
  6. Dddddd clockedT.

    But that statement is also funny because, no shit Sherlock, you can't expect them to say the trainees are not talented dddddd.
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  7. 1. Please God, let there be a Nu'Est effect for Dal*Shabet.
    1a. Or Brave Girls for that matter.
    2. Glad Subin is not part of it. She should be writing songs.
    3. I love Dal*Shabet.
    4. I'm not big on these kind of things.
    5. Yet.
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  8. I hope the AOA rumor is not true. Let the true flops get some spotlight for once... I know your group is in jeopardy since your only vocalist left but come on.
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  9. @ryan_riot92

    They'll start recording the show 29th and the audience will participate in screening from the very first episode.
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  10. ^thats what I'm talking about. Give a chance to true, undeniable flops.
  11. Now watch the two remaining members of BESTie join the ranks ...
  12. If they manage to get Plastic Gangnam Unnie, I would lose it. I miss her so much. I don't mind if she brings Spirited Away Unnie with her.
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  13. You didn't have to untag me. I think I'm one of the few Wassup stand here, along with Ryan.

    I'm honestly here for this show. I love all the flops, so seeing them compete against one another will be great TV. Poorly edited, but great nonetheless.
  14. Yas clock me.

    I knew you're a Wassup fan since you were rooting for them in Debut rate, but I thought you might not care about this show so I edited the post.
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  15. # TT #TeamTrash
  16. I've never heard of Tiny-G before but in case you guys might know them:

    Also the boy band Top Secret said that one of their members (Wooyeong) will not join the show because of personal schedules.

  17. All of these are BOPS
  18. I'd die if Jeonyul (ex-Stellar) and Gowoon (Berry Good) joined the show.
    Also Milly from Be.A, but only if he shaves his head and wears the SWAT costume from Good To Go during the whole show.
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