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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. For some reason I just can't be bothered with The Unit. I see Serri isn't doing well which is disgusting.
  2. I was rooting for Dalshabet members at first but their disbanding made me don't care about how they're doing on the show. What's the difference between #10 and #30 when they don't have a group anymore. And I doubt either of Serri and Wohee release music as solo artists in the future.

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  4. Ma girl Euijin killing it as always!

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  5. You can go to 1:07:09 for a messy live stage.

    A RBW trainee named Jaejun was told by his group to lip sync his part - that someone else had originally and shared with him to make him feel better - because he kept going off key, but he said he was going to do it live anyways. Then during the performance, he... just lip synced it, but then started singing over others' parts?? It was.. so weird.

    Also, let's appreciate that all 3 of ACE were leaders in their groups recently:
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  6. What a mess. The fact that he got 96 points even though he completely sabotaged his team... what the hell.
    The ACE boys seem so nice, I really hope they get more recognition. They did well as leaders.
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  7. Why his mic was on though? If he was going to lip-synch then there was no need to put it on. I see your media play YG, I see it!

    Laughing at the rapper complaining he heard two voices and because of that he stuggled to keep the rythm. Dude, chill, it was just whisper. It shouldn't messe you up if you're good.
  8. Spoiler for the boys on who survived to the Top 27:
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  9. Mixnine Top 27 Girls/Boys and song choices / teams for the next performances:
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  10. Poor ONF & ACE if they get stuck in an irrelevant boy group for a year.
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  11. My 3 KNK bias all being eliminated while the 2 I care about the least make the Top 27. I'm so blessed.

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  12. I guess since no one (including myself) is watching either The Unit or MixNine, I don't need spoiler tags? Ddd lemme know if I should use them.

    I was confused for ages about just how they're actually debuting, but it appears to be:

    The Unit:
    1 Boy Group
    - 10 Members
    - Contract for 7-14 Months
    1 Girl Group
    - 10 Members
    - Contract for 7-14 Months

    1 Boy Group
    - 9 Members
    - Contract for 7 Months
    1 Girl Group
    - 9 Members
    - Contract for 7 Months

    * - either girls or boys debuting will be decided I think by votes?


    I can't find the Top 10s for The Unit.

    I'm torn between wanting LOONA or ACE's plans delayed. Like... if Heejin & Hyunjin have to do the group for 7 months, I feel like that's more beneficial to LOONA, who can just extend the next subunit's release. I want ACE to comeback as soon as possible ddd.
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  13. Heejin & Hyunjin tied down to another group for 7 months when LOONA is meant to debut in about 5 months (Girl 11 release in Jan, Girl 12 release in Feb, Spare month to prepare subunit in Mar, Subunit in Apr, Re-release in May, Spare month in Jun? Full group debut in July?) is a bit close for comfort. But I'm sure they could take an extra month off before the full group debuts.
  14. R.I.P. Chanmi
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  15. You saying this like it would've been different for Chanmi's career if the show was a success.
  16. Let me do some promo for sis Hyoyeon. She's starring in new variety show "My English Puberty". It's about bunch of different celebrities learning English. Cast includes: Han Kyu Min and Wheesung.
    Episode 1
  17. I actually wanted to post about this the other day but I didn't because I wanted one of you, her fans, do it first.
  18. She's been doing great on it. I've watched clips from the first 5 episodes. She's so good.

    Her dragging Henry was a kii too.
  19. @Slice of Life why did you dig up that damn post now I'm being accused of stanning Hyoyeon!

    I do enjoy her on variety shows, she's funny with out trying.
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