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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. This is such a cute concept!
  2. Slicey is innocent, I found that post myself ddd.

    Seriously though, I need to watch the show or at least Hyo's parts. I'm such a flop fan.
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  3. Some clips:

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  4. He


    Ooh I want to watch that!

    I’ve seen a clip of her meeting this English speaking family’s and dancing Gee with them, while holding a glass of wine.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Chinese version of Produce 101 official poster.
  6. Lay as vocal coach and Jackson as rap coach? Oh this is going to be entertaining.
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  7. Lay is the main coach, excited to see Victoria again and Cheng Xiao

    Henry is the vocal coach I think
  8. Lay - MC & Main Producer
    Henry - Vocal Coach
    Li Ronghao - Music Coach
    Jackson - Rap Coach
    Mc Jin - Rap Coach
    Victoria - Dance Coach
    Kyulkyung - Dance Coach
    Cheng Xiao - Dance Coach
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  9. And butterfly. Papillon, whatever. Same thing.
  10. Kyulkyung / Pinky / Jieqiong getting that Chinese money now.

  11. I'm kind of glad Jun & Chan (ACE) and Rayoon (MVP) are gonna be safe from this mess.

    Girls are one from DIA vs one from SONAMOO, basically.
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  12. What kind of redemption arc with Jun from U-KISS at number one.
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  13. Subbed trailer for Chinese Produce 101:

    Erm, calm down Lay, you aint' Jay Chou.
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  14. Oh. I thought it was a co-ed show... not that excited anymore.
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  15. He


    Yeah I’m not here for more boys only. But makes sense with season 2 being so big.
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  16. I found another great variety show: It's Dangerous Outside the Blanket. Five homebodies enter a house and struggle to actually enjoy vacation. We're talking about people who are basically one step away from being hikkimori!

    Cast includes:

    Kang Daniel (WANNAONE)
    Park Jae Jung (solo singer)
    Lee Sang Woo (actor)
    Xiumin (EXO)

    Highlights: Avoiding each other at all costs, spending 20 minutes before introducing themselves while they're in same room, Kang Daniel's fighting insects, they all suffer from seriously underdeveloped social skills.

    Episode 1
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  17. Wait... Goodbye BlackPink! YG New GG looks like they're going to get the bops.
  18. Oh wow Chanmi is still in? And doing a good job! I'm genuinely happy for her.
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  19. Someone did not practice enough and when it came to the live performance he sang over everyone's parts. King Seungjun (KNK) has the right to be angry.
  20. This show is impossible to keep track of what's happening, but out of these snippets of the female teams, Cherry On Top kinda bops:

    I think the boys' music videos are rolling out?
    I can only find All Day - the group with ACE's Chan in it - and Questions:

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