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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Cheng Xiao and Pinky previews on Idol Producer.
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    Where’s Victoria though.
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  3. She's on other similar show
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    Scream, why did I think she was on this too?
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  5. She was included in promos for this show?

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  7. Victoria is not on Idol Producer. She's a dance mentor on Hot Blood Dance Crew, along with Jackson (get that RMB.)
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  8. Why is the production level so high for this and not the Korean one ddd.
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  9. I'm crying.
  10. I miss Invincible Youth. A new season with Third Generation girls would be hilarious. Imagine representatives from RV, Twice, BlackPink, Loona, Pristin, Momoland, Melody Day (Chahee would be hilarious), Weki Meki, Cosmic Girls, DIA, Gugudan, Oh My Girl and Lovelyz doing all those countryside challenges.
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    Do you know where to find the episodes? I have never watched.
  12. On Youtube:

    I've never watched this too but the cast look amazing so I might watch it.
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    Isn't there one with SNSD, T-ARA, and After School?

    I'm not even sure it's that show. I just remember them getting on a bus, all together, and that's as far as I watched.
  14. The cast for season 1 was : Hyomin - Hara - Sunny - Yuri - Hyuna - Vicotoria - Jooyeon - a few others

    Season 2 : Hyoyeon - Bora - Jiyoung - Suzy - Amber - Sunny - a few others

    So you're either talking about season 1 or another show with similar format.

    Edit : I just asked my sister who has watched most of SNSD variety shows and she said there's a show with similar format with a different cast (Tiffany, Jiyeon and many others) but she can't remember the name of that show.
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  16. There was a show called Heroes with Kahi, Ji-yeon, Narsha and Nicole from KARA, but it was a bit shit to be honest. Only worth watching for Kahi and Seo In-young's rivalry in the first few episodes.
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    The bit I watched of that show (still don’t know which one it is), had most of the group in this bus (only SNSD had like 4 members) in idol get ups. I don’t know what the show consisted. I’ll try to find that bit.

    The host was Hongchul.
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  19. Let me backtrack a bit, I've been rewatching clips of Heroes and the first episode and it's so funny. The cast is probably one of the best ever in a variety show.
    You can find most of the episodes subbed here. The popular/unpopular concept is a bit cruel, but it's so entertaining.
    From the title, I guess that was a one-time only show for Chuseok. I had never heard of it!
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  20. Jung Jung saying he wants to plant a kiss on some other male contestant's face on Chinese television. I'm already sold on Idol Producer y'all.
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