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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. A Pocket Girls member was on the show once.
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  2. MixNine Final Results:

    (+1) #1 Woo Jinyoung (Happy Face)
    (-1) #2 Kim Hyojin (WM) / ONF
    (+9) #3 Lee Rubin (Liveworks)
    (-1) #4 Kim Byungkwan (Beat Interactive) / ACE
    (=) #5 Choi Hyunseok (YG)
    (+1) #6 Song Hankyeom (STARO) / Seven O'Clock
    (-3) #7 Kim Minseok (WM) / ONF
    (-2) #8 Lee Donghoon (Beat Interactive) / ACE
    (-1) #9 Lee Byunggon (YG)

    (=) #1 Shin Ryujin (JYP)
    (=) #2 Lee Soomin (FAVE)
    (+6) #3 Park Soomin (IME Korea)
    (+2) #4 Jeon Heejin (Blockberry) / LOONA
    (+2) #5 Nam Yoojin (Base Camp)
    (+5) #6 Choi Moonhee (Maroo) / BONUSbaby
    (+3) #7 Kim Sori (Mole)
    (-4) #8 Jang Hyokyung (Star Empire)
    (-1) #9 Lee Hayoung (Coridel) / Playback

    Winning Team:
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  3. My Idol Producer fave.
  4. I really need to start watching this show.
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    I love Bu Fan. And he hasn't even performed yet.WIll post episode 2 once its subbed.
    And he's in the Top 9 / debut line-up as of Episode 2.

    I stan Nongnong.
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  7. Nong Nong ranked...
    In episode 2.

    Not my fave Bu Fan ranking at
    already! Visuals only!
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  8. Everything and everyone's gay in this and I'm loving it! Obviously Nong Nong is new Emperor of China nad Warrior of Hunties.

    Now, sis Lay, needs to chill because she really doesn't have the range to judge trainees so harshly.
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  9. Nong Nong is from Taiwan. The incoming mess he's about to enter.
  10. He will unite China I'm sure.
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  11. As long as you girls keep your hands off Bu Fan then we're all good.
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  12. Well, Taiwanese singers are popular in Mainland China, aren't they? As long as he doesn't say anything controversial, he should be fine.
    So true. He's not a bad judge, but as the 'Nation Producer' he's just... not credible. I mean, you recorded China Sheep, hun. Jackson and the rap mentor are really likeable.
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  13. Waiting for the full second episode to be subbed but Jung Jung kinda slayed again.

    He's also the leader of the Yuehua boys. They performed EOEO. Justin grew up in a blink of an eye.
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  14. Welp.
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  15. He


    Scream. I love that they borrowed ALL the elements, including a produce 101 alumni.
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  16. ...a mess. How stupid do you have to be to copy a whole show like this, from the concept to the set, even down to the uniforms the guys are wearing, without buying the rights.
  17. I doubt Mnet will risk messing up with China over this though. Not first time Chinese company just takes format without asking, unfortunately they're much powerful than Korean companies and Korean market needs access to China to sustain itself.

    In other news, the Party has had enough of Jackson, Kris and Tao's "hip-hop":
    It has less to do with actual hip-hop and more about foreign culture and its rapid growth among population.
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  19. Most Chinese hiphop is trash made by spoiled rich kids but it's questionable to do and I'll never support the Chinese state for CANCELLING SEASON 2 OF THE GAY DRAMA ADDICTED.

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  20. They actually cancelled gayz completely. Disgusting.
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