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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. So, shall we talk about it here or in the Chinese Pop thread?

    In any case

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  2. Probably better to talk about it here.
    Actual spoilers:
    I'm reading a lot of things about the 3unshine girls being eliminated already? Which is weird because they're such a hot topic and are some of the most well known contestants to join the show. Some people say they were eliminated because they ranked F, others say their company filled a lawsuit against them because they joined the show without their authorization. Mess.
    EDIT: welp. They're officially out.
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  3. No wonder!

    were a mess
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  4. ddd I just watched their performance. What the fuck.
    This is a bop though:
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  5. they didn't even look into it

    maybe just wanted to appear on the show to get some buzz?

    I think I'm going to stop watching this episode until the subtitles arrive.

    I gotta admit I started watching this to see the AKB48 CHINA girls, but now I'M HOOOOOOKED!
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  6. Mei Qi snapped.
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  7. Yes!

    The China line in any KPOP group doesn't mess around.

    Of course they have to work harder than their Korean group members to earn a spot for debut.
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  8. Do Chinese members earn the same as their fellow Korean members though? I’m still mad that Sorn and Lisa make less money for the same amount of work.
  9. I don't think so. Because in that video Sorn said that Elkie has extra taxes taken out as well, and Elkie is from Hong Kong.
  10. Episode 2 from Produce 101 China:

  11. Wow the production value is insane. Also, wait at the producers having such... relatable taste in music. So far I've noticed Charli XCX (Sucker era Charli, no less), CHVRCHES and the House of Cards theme song ddd

    I can't believe 3unshine are out already but I guess at least I know of them now and have decided to stan forever. Nancy is an icon.
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  12. I'm not sure what I expected from P101 China, but the girl balancing umbrellas on her feet gets my vote.
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  13. WIG.

    I don't see them coming back to WJSN after this to be honest. They'll be too big in China to be in a flop K-pop girlgroup, at least from Yuehwa's perspective. And my baby Yeunjung will get more lines so everyone wins.
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  14. Honestly, my boyfriend who's Chinese and his friends who don't give a shit about idols are obsessed with Xuan Yi. They also loved Cheng Xiao (and Pinky) on Idol Producer. I don't think the Chinese members will leave the group but they're definitely going to be showcased more, just like Cheng Xiao in WJSN's last comeback.
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  15. I really hope you're right, cuz I need Yuehwa to continue funding WJSN. I worry about them a lot ddd
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  16. Xuan Yi and Mei Qi will have movies out later this year so their 101 stint will be a big help as to further exposure and familiarity in the mainland.

    THIS. No Yuehua, more more high-budgeted MVs, expensive costumes and stages and much more.
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  17. China snapped again. A new music video for Chinese Pick Me has been released.
  18. Aaaaaaaaaaaand Episode 3!

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  19. What the...
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  20. MeiQi and Xuan Yi are doing so well in Produce 101 China. Xuan Yi is #3 as of episode 6 (she spent two weeks at the top) and MeiQi is #1!

    Thai Princess Li Ziting KILLING IT.

    ddd yas MeiQi.

    @Slice of Life
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