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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. I haven't actually seen any audition performances yet, I just stumbled on a video where they did a roll call of everyone on stage as to what Class they were in after/before the Just Dance performance. The budget is waaaaay smaller, the judges don't seem as interesting but it's YG so you never know.
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  2. Didn't Yuna perform with the other two girls from Brave Girls? ... I wish we could see why those binches didn't vote for her.
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  3. When I see "Variety Shows", I automatically think of Weekly Idol and 2 Days & 1 Night. I love Weekly Idol.

  4. Wait at that mix of Irony being a bop. I wonder if Hyuna said no (I think/heard she said no to all 3 yet only Yuna didn't make it through?) due to the song choice ddd.

    I'm ready for this to help Yujeong become the famous star she's meant to be.
  5. That didn't look too polished. They struggled to get 3 boots, but deservedly so based on that.

    Hyuna barely voted for any of the acts from what I could tell.
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  6. So there's still no subs for MIXNINE??
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  7. So I’m watching the Just Dance performance... why are they dancing like Backpack Kid?
    Love the song though.
  8. Have you watched this yet? I'm watching a stream with English subs.

    First impression is the production quality looks low budget compared to The Unit.
  9. Nope. I'l be thankful if you share it x

    Edit: I found it myself. Thanks.
  10. Why is this so true?
  11. Okay so after watching MIXNINE, I actually like The Unit now. At least it had a few memorable characters in the first episode. MIXNINE was just full of average performances without anyone being a standout character and I blame it on the poor editing.

    Yeah this was my first impression as well but it's understandable. They went to different companies and cities so they obviously couldn't have big stages in every city only for auditions.
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  12. After that first impression I started really getting into it. I find it more fascinating using the episode to observe Korean culture instead of as a talent show. Like, why are there so many people who think they can start up an agency, and what motivates some of these trainees to join these flop agencies? Which leads to further questions I have about the Korean entertainment industry in general.

    The other thing that's fascinating to me is YG as a person. His personality, how he reacts and evaluates the acts and his interactions with other agency CEOs. It's interesting that he doesn't, or didn't, view the 2NE1 members as sexy, and I presume the same for Blackpink given his response to CL at the A100 audition. He obviously knows they're attractive women but the way he was acting with the A100 girls was different.

    The other notable interaction that YG had was with the Brave CEO. I'm not aware of their history besides knowing that he used to be a YG employee but there was a lot of apprehension from Brave Bros, and his not wanting to get in the lift with YG after their meeting was telling. Like, if the building was on fire he'd prefer to burn to death than get in that lift.

    There were no real standouts with the acts themselves, in terms of exceptional talent.
    • Eyedi needs to calm down a bit. She's acting like this diva artiste when the extent of her notoriety is some buzz from some international producers. Who cares? You're not successful, love. Loved it when the female rapper from her agency was picked to go on the debut bus and she wasn't.
    • I think it's a bit harsh that YG immediately dismisses anyone who's already been on a talent show. Poor Son Ye Rim from Fave Entertainment should have been allowed on the trainee bus at least.
    • YG should probably extend his rule to some of the trainees who already debuted. The guy that debuted with C-Clown was pretty average and still got picked for the trainee bus.
  13. The episode 2 of The Unit with subs is out gurls and it's much better than the first episode.
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  15. Okay my thoughts:

    - I like that DIA girls spoke about how they and other members are being overshadowed by Chaeyeon but an over-cute performance of Happiness didn't really help them to show their skills or why they deserve the media's attention.

    - Joo's, the girl who trained to debut as a Wonder Girls member, story and Hyuna crying when she saw her was so emotional and her performance was really good but I feel like she's a bit old (for K-Pop industry standards) to just start as an idol.

    - Melody Day's performance was good but I don't think they are that great vocally to be known as a ''vocal group'' like Mamamoo or SPICA but they got super boot and mentors praised them so what do I know?

    - the duo were good but I don't see the girl doing good in future.

    - I really liked the girl who sang Heart attack and her strategy to show her dancing skills. When she was lip-syncing I was like ''what the fuck are you doing girl, you're a solo singer. How can you ruin your chance like this??'' but then when she sang another song, I was like ''yasss Queen''

    - I don't understand why someone like the girl who had zero dancing ability comes to an idol competition show. Sure your singing ''catches audition's hearts'' but then how do you want to continue with a group??

    - The girl (with yellow dress) from Unpretty Rapstar was my favorite of this episode. I'm already rooting for her and her friend who also was great.

    - The boys were good too.
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  16. Just started The Unit. Good Day can fuck right off. Awful and not what the show's about.
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  18. NoT Taeming being pressed at ACEs visuals singing and dancing being better than him.
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  19. Why is this not Sawori tbh
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