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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. What is this fucking MONTAGE for some of the biggest groups here yet fucking GOOD DAY GOT LIKE TWENTY [email protected]@!!!!

    AUDIENCE HAVE NO TASTE did both Serri and Woohee get 6 boots?

    Did they even fucking bother to tell us if Brave Girls got through? The level of disrespect is far too much.


    Holy shit only 2 boots she deserved more than that.

    Why did we not see the iconic butt wiggling hunty on the floor?
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  2. Cackling at all of the posts above. I want to watch the show with @Mikl C.
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  3. To be honest I need MNet editing of DalShabet entering the room, reaction shots from all individual judges, reaction shots from 20+ audience members, a DalShabet montage of greatest hits, and a full 3 minute performance split up with reaction shots from all of the above anytime they do anything of note.
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  4. Episode 2, here we go!

    me @ Rain oppa

    Right form the start tragic story of Mad Town (fuck J.Tune Camp eternally, for destroying MBLAQ & those boys). YAAASS babies got through.

    SCREAMING at DIA's introduction struggle... MBK's true spirit with how fake and sugary it sounds.

    Eui Jin of SONAMOO lip synching to HyunA's Bubble Pop. Wow, who do you think you are? Hyun Joo of APRIL? Nevah!

    Speaking of HyunA, hunty... apologize to those bangs. You need them.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. BOYFRIEND and 100%, strong nugu boy group dose.

    BOYFRIEND slaughtered their performance and (as always) I blame their evil twins (even if only one of them was present). Dong Hyun luckily saved his ass.

    100% proved they have only one vocalist.

    Melody Day slayed a bit. Good job.

    Who the fuck is AFOS? Even I don't recognize them....


    Judge me all y'all want but I would get really nasty with San.E. I'm aware he released songs with Raina. Still would.


    MVP did good with their second performance.

    JOO proving to us it's never to late to become an idol and save your failing caree even when you overshadowed by your more popular younger brother.

    Kanto is such blessing. So sorry TROY flopped.

    SCREAMS am I really watching sugar mommy sending her toy boy for fame? Amazing television KBS!

    Trot singer was good, if you're into things like that.

    IM....who? Wow nugu of nugus territory. Oh, SUPER BOOT for them, OK.

    SCREAMS at IM's main vocalist trying to seduce Rain. U go girl!

    Hot Blood Youth?! WUT Marco stealing the show, drop the dreadlocks and we'll be fine.

    BOYS REPUBLIC not getting SUPER BOOT is honestly so homophobic, what a flop audience.

    Not my sorry ass having emotional moment with sis Taemin after HOTSHOT performance like bitch me too~!
  5. #StopAttackingLoona1/3
    ...but some are saying the Loonatics just went a little bit extra with the translation.
  6. If you don't already stan A.C.E and braces oppa, this is the time:

    YG: When I saw the hot pants, I was like, "Ah but Why?"
    Donghun: But Winner sunbaenim also had this concept for <Love Me Love Me>
    YG: Ah-

    An insult to Winner and a win for A.C.E.
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  7. The full Loona segment, They trended #1 in Naver after the episode.
  8. Haseuls dance was horrific though
  9. Even the BBC CEO was not having it. Leader-nim, we know you can do better.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. That segment from episode 4 with Marco had me laughing like crazy.
  12. Has anyone watched Mix Nine episode 2 with English subtitles yet? I haven't been able to find a stream.
  13. DSP is totally gonna add that April girl back to the group isn't it?
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  15. The first season is iconic: Haein and Chanmi's evil editing, Xiyeon shading everyone, Sohye being the nation's actress, Lee Suhyun surviving elimination every damn time by snatching the last place, Pinky's existence, and more.
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  16. I saw this the other day, but just a few hours after Mnet denied it and said they haven't decided about third season yet.
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  17. When is Fromage debuting? And can they PLEASE record this bop for their debut EP.
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  18. All there is, for now, is a reality show called "Fromis_ Room" on Mnet which is about their training and road to debut, and the fact that they're debuting under Pledis Entertainment.

    They better debut first quarter of 2018, but a pre-debut single before the year ends would be nice, too.
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  19. This song gets me every time! I need to rip that performance video.
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  20. Me too! It sounds like Deep Blue Eyes' little sister with a dash of GFRIEND and they better record a studio version for their debut!
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