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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bailey, May 15, 2012.

  1. For me Selena had those moments pointing she's awful human being from the beginning. This season when she doesn't have anything to lose she just doesn't need to act like an official. Also, she must be frustrated with how her career just died.
  2. Yes, and also the putdowns and wordplay has gotten a lot worse. It used to be brilliant and now its just stupid puns with a lot of profanity laid on top. Sometimes I actively cringe for Julia Louis Dreyfus and the dialogue they force on her.

    That said, her stealing Gary's squirrel story while pretending to be southern was gold.
  3. I thought that this week's episode was brilliant. I loved that they finally got a win with the Tibet storyline coming back up. I think it's hilarious how much more ruthless Selina has become this year, especially with her daughter (I choked when Gary said she was bleeding a lot and Selina asked if she was on the couch). I don't think she was ever meant to be a character that you logically rooted for - they're all awful basically aside from Mike and Richard - but I still find all of them endearing. The scene where Jonah kept smashing his head was fantastic, too. I like that they pulled the rug out from under him as everyone seemed to assume that the story was going to lead to Jonah becoming some super powerful politician.
  4. I had to pause the episode to laugh at the Pottery Barn Kids line.
  5. "Getting warmer" akfdgjalkgfjalkgfjalkg
  6. "Wishes belong in the bottom of a well, with unwanted girl children"

    "Who is this tranny knuckledragger?"

    This is my favourite comedy ever
  7. Oh god, Jonah is going to be president.
  8. Cackled when I saw who they made Andrew cheat on Selena with. The return of New Christine.
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  9. I absolutely loved the finale. From the first flashback you could feel what they were building towards, and it honestly felt that way all season. I loved how it all came together. The flashback to Catherine's birth had me fucking howling (and Gary's intro there was brilliant). Amy ending up pregnant with Dan's baby should make for a pretty great gag next year, and Jonah running for president is going to be hilarious.

    One of my favourite moments was Selina crying as she left Jafar - there's been a lot of talk of Selina being extra savage this year, which I felt too, so it was nice to see her feeling some emotion, even if it meant that she was giving up the one good thing in her life only to go back to the thing that has hurt her so much.

    Also, "Little Richard"... fucking fantastic.
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  10. Yeah, Selena crying was a moment. Though I keep wondering when are all these things getting back to her. I kept thinking Gary would snap this season with the whole thing at this party... and Catherine looked pretty upset with her taking advantage of the baby. But then nothing happens. I hope they don't save everything for the series finale or close.
  11. We've seen many of the characters snap before (Gary and Amy, in particular) but Selina generally brushes it off. It's sort of a running gag that they not only end up back with her, but they seem to want to be back on her team. Gary doesn't know anything else and Amy seems to live for the challenges.

    With her daughter it does feel different... it seems like, logically, at some point, Catherine would just cut her off. Perhaps that's coming down the line. I mean, really, what does Catherine get from the relationship?
  12. Fuck, the finale was fantastic. This season's been a bit messy in places but they totally pulled it back and tied everything together. The scene with Jonah in the hospital bed was one of the most brutally funny of the entire show.

    They set things up perfectly for next season. I'm perched.
  13. One thing I liked was how it was only after Selina, as incompetent as a president as she was, received the attention and good press for freeing Tibet that she could run for office again. Meanwhile, Jonah, just as incompetent, was disgraced out of Washington and now he's running for president no problem. Sexism!
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  14. I loved the finale, but I agree with some of the criticisms that they kinda fucked up majorly with the storyline this season and the last. The show will still be fucking hilarious and better than 90% of comedies on TV on it's worst day, but I still think the worst error made of the show was how early they made Selina President.

    They could have hammered out one, or even two more seasons of her as the Veep and probably would have made both her becoming President feel more monumental - and eventual train-wreck time in office/post-Presidency feel less like going through the motions.

    I'm not even particularly excited to see her run again, but I am excited to see her hopefully find more victories that aren't immediately cut down. I know that's the nature of the show/Selina, but this season was stupidly predictable/cruel in it's treatment of Selina's trials.

    But whatever, the jokes & acting are still fucking astoundingly good.
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  15. This is the politico in me but I'm still not over the insane decision they made in the Season 5 finale. By US law, Montez is ACTING President, not President-elect. In the case of a tied electoral college, the House elects the President and the Senate elects the Vice President. Montez is only acting president until the House elects the President. It's egregious because this show gets so much right about DC culture and politics that it just seemed like such an uncharacteristic slip up.

    I understand that the show tried to wave it away by saying that the Speaker wouldn't allow for another vote, but I have an incredibly hard time believing that Selena (or O'Brien for that matter), as ambitious as she is, wouldn't have tried to lobby Congress for another vote. Instead, she just sort of acts the decision, and everyone acts like there's nothing they can do about Montez.

    I think it would've made for a more interesting main storyline with a clearer sense of purpose for Season 6 than....a presidential library. The possibility of having two women in the administration from different political parties trying to undercut one another could've made for a more compelling storyline than the one we got. (Also more Andrea Savage is always a good thing)

    Who knows? Maybe that's where they're going with Season 7, but I'm worried that we're going to get another rehash of Selena on the campaign trail with Jonah clearly serving as a Trumpian-esque figure.
  16. I've seen that complaint brought up before and it is definitely a glaring plot issue. But, maybe because Selina had a breakdown and was in the "spa" they didn't think she should try for the presidency? Though, that doesn't explain the other candidate not asking for a House vote.
  17. Montez is meant to be a super well liked President right? Maybe calling for another vote would have made Selina more hated? I dunno. Big plot hole though.

    Slightly spoiler-y but

    Matt Walsh (in a very Mike-like move) basically more or less let it slip in his Colbert interview that Selina ends up back in the White House next season somehow.

    So either she wins, or probably more likely she becomes Jonah's running mate.
  18. Really? Dave Mandel made it seem like that wasn't the case just yet.

    From his Hollywood Reporter interview:

    "Obviously, we haven't figured out everything about next season yet. But by the time we're dealing with her thinking about running for president and what that means, you're practically talking about three years ago. I wouldn't necessarily want to be doing it during an election. In some ways we'll be doing it a year before there is another one. There are some things that came out during the last campaign and the way campaigning has changed, that I think it will be very enjoyable to see Selina running from scratch and not as the incumbent president. For us as Veep, not so much talking about anything that happened in the last election, but it's for us to take a look at the American system of electing people through these various small states early on and Super Tuesday and what the system means. Super delegates and what it means to be a frontrunner or not be a frontrunner. There is so much there that if we can get there, there is a whole mountain of richness. And again, I preface it all with: Right now things are going well with Selina vis-a-vis Tibet — those things don't always last.

    Jonah is in her party and also plans to run for president. What does a Selina-Jonah battle look like?

    I'm sure there are a lot of people running. The other party is president. In some of these early debates there will be 12 or 13 candidates and I expect the same thing on our end. She is running for president and she was president, but these are the early days. I do think we'll see a bit of Iowa next season but beyond that, it's wide open."
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