«Oh, I thought you were talking about your daughter’s wedding to your homosexual doppelgänger»

I fucking love Minna! Such a great character.

So, Richard’s gonna be president and Selina his Veep, right?
A pretty perfect finale I felt, and included some of the best writing the show has ever done. Selina getting down to it and fighting for that nomination was excellent and the culmination of everything this journey has made her become. The final moment with Gary was actually quite touching.

I'm going to miss this show and all the characters a lot
I’ve been slowly catching up (because Game of Thrones has taken up almost all of my TV-watching energy in the last year) and I’m not sure I’m ready for the finale. This is hands down my favorite comedy of the decade and I’m gonna miss it so much.
I just binge watched the whole season and what a great work that was! I'm going to miss the show so much. I have to say that the finale was pretty perfect to me?
The amount of darkness that went in just to show how freaking much Selina wanted that presidency was outstanding. The events that followed everything was a really good scenario and I can't help but just say kudos to everyone who's been involved in writing that season.

Also, I love how they made everyone look good at the end. I'm fine with every character, every single one got an ending which is appropriate and satisfying to me. God, I miss that show already.
Selina's final turn towards complete darkness and the price she paid for it by ending up completely alone in the Oval was definitely heavy, the show ended up being a bit of a cautionary tale for unbridled ambition. Some fine, fine acting for very delicate beats by Julia Louis Dreyfous.

But her getting upstaged by Tom Hanks even in death was hilarious.
That Tom Hanks spin is such a perfect throwback to Season 1 where Mike first mentioned Tom Hanks could die so it would take focus away from one of the disasters of the Meyer administration! More thoughts when I watch it again!
Oh yes! Really great throwback, but I also liked the comeback of "the level of incompetence in this office is staggering". Loved all these parallels.
I'm still not sure why she couldn't bring Gary on board this time around? Was it because he knew too much~~~~

I was kind of hoping she would change her mind once she was in office but I still enjoyed the finale.
I'm still not sure why she couldn't bring Gary on board this time around? Was it because he knew too much~~~~
She turned him in as a cover-up for the Andy thing, didn't she? The most ruthless stunt she pulled, and one of the very few times -only?- we actually saw her being taken aback by something she's caused.
He got out years later and showed up at the funeral.

The final Gary moment was heartbreaking.

And Julia must have the Emmy in the bag at this point. She's been a joy all the way through the 7 seasons.

I don't know what else to write right now. I need to process it. I'll just go and think about the fact this ended and collect my thoughts.
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The problem with the last two seasons in particular is seeing how cruel and horrible Selina has become. In the initial seasons, she was vicious with her insults and was still ruthlessly ambitious, but she still seemed to vaguely care about the people around her- the scene in season 4 where Gary has spent too much money and they have a huge argument, the scene with Catherine in the hotel bedroom during the election.

Since season 6, she has become unrealistically cruel, to Catherine in particular, that it just doesn’t ring true.