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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Bailey, May 15, 2012.

  1. Looks like they'll have a VEEP themed episode on Conan tonight
  2. Glad to see this has been renewed for season 7. Maybe we'll get President Jon H Ryan next season.
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  3. I love the show but I just wish they were working towards something again. I hope that season 7 has a twist in it again. Looking back they really could have milked her being the president for a couple more seasons at least.
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  4. Is it just me or is it not as sharp and acerbic as it used to be? Some of the humour feels forced and predictable.
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  5. First two episodes were decent, but the rest of this season has been awful. Not up to this show's lofty standards at all.
  6. Selena seems to have a lot of staff, given she doesn't actually do very much. I want to see them plot to get her back into politics, given that she doesn't seem to be working towards anything. Unless the book happens. The Dan sub-plot is fun, but it's getting more and more remote from the show. Thank god for Catherine, Marjorie and Mike. The latter will inevitably somehow add to their family.
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  7. I don't know if I would say that was true in general, but a couple of things have fallen really flat for me. The thing about Richard not knowing what masturbation is was awful and felt so out of place. But most of the time I think it's still very funny, even though I agree it feels a bit spin-offy so far. The bit where Selina gets Gary to taste the soup and then doesn't even eat it afterwards had me howling
  8. I still love this show but it's becoming very hit and miss. I can't remember Selena ever being this awful, too?
  9. Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing. Her selfish, narcissistic nature has been cranked up to max. You could argue that it's the loss of the presidency that's brought this out, but the unceasing onslaught of awfulness isn't as fun to watch as having it as an undercurrent to everything that she does.

    It's a very typical long running sitcom issue. After so many episodes, it just becomes easier to heighten the characters' flaws for new material.
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  10. I always remember there being a bit of light and shade to her character, but this season in particular she just comes across as a relentless dickhead.
  11. I've honestly been loving this season and laughing as much as usual. Selena has definitely gotten more ruthless, but I chalk that up to her current position - in past seasons she always had something to work towards and hope for, whereas now she's basically at the bottom of the barrel and just sort of constantly hoping for some type of small victory that never comes her way. The way she talks about Catherine cracks me the fuck up.
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  12. "Do you want me to 69 him?"






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  13. I've been loving this season but I miss Sue.
  14. Even with a slight dip, it's still by far the funniest thing on TV right now.

    I also wondered whether we're heading the way of a President Jonah Ryan for S7; art imitating life...
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  15. Timothy Simons with those glasses though.
    (I'm a little behind.)
  16. That whole scene at the unveiling with Tom Jones was great. And the "why are other women always checking on women when I'm talking to them?" line from Jonah was a scream.

    I do agree that Selina has gotten extra vicious, with it mostly due to the loss of the presidency. I agree that some sort of focus on where she goes from here would probably help things.

    I'd love to see a bit more of President Montez, as well. I think they could get a lot of comedic mileage out of them setting Jonah and the Jeffersons up as a foil to everyone.
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  17. I have to say that the tone is more broadly comic this year with a reliance of physical comedy rather than the great wordplay and artful swearing.

    I still love it but its certainly missing something.
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  18. Glad I can now allow myself to say here he's legitimately hot.
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  19. I can't get over this scene
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  20. Is it just me that feels that Selina has been written as way too mean this season? I know she's got the brutal put downs and one liners, but she definitely used to have some sort of conscience/soul. The things she's done/said this season (especially to Gary) are miles from the character she used to be.

    She used to be likeable because she was incompetent but brilliantly written. Now, it's very difficult to root for her.
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