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Veneno (AN ICON)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Judy Jetson Hooker, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Just finished Episode 2 and it really messed me up. Another stunning piece of filmmaking and again, could have been a movie on its own. Both episodes thus far have left me sobbing.
  2. The way I cried so many damn times throughout this. The dancefloor scene at the end of episode 7 got me good.

    Echoing everyone else, this is incredible television and deserves to be widely seen. Award it.
  3. No one:

    Calla canalla que me toca a mi!
  4. I just started watching last night! First episode was incredible.
  5. You are in for such a treat! I've been telling everyone I know to watch this.
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  6. For those who speak/understand Spanish, she did this interview when the boom came out:

    A bit of #promo cause this was filmed by one of my bffs ññ
  7. Are all the actresses/actors well-known in Spain? I can't tell who is a newcomer, who is untrained, etc. So many girls across all the flashbacks!
  8. Uhmmmmmm, the girls who play Veneno are all new. Only Jedet (pre-transition Cristina) was a bit known for her role in Paquita Salas.

    There are a bunch of known actors just doing cameos though. At points it got a bit too much (like the first two episodes) because every other second would be a omg that's X! moment. But that's L*s Jav*s, they gotta cash in those connections ññ
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  9. [​IMG]

    This entire episode was art.

  10. So damn cute, love Jaymes.
  11. I realize I never posted about finishing the series, and I can say without any hesitation that it is one of the best pieces of television I’ve ever experienced. Every episode felt like a perfect standalone film, and yet it all came together beautifully. The finale is one of the most heartwarming conclusions I’ve seen to a series, and left me in the largest flood of tears I’ve dealt with since the end of Six Feet Under. I hope more people continue to discover this incredible story, and the parade of stunning performances that make it come alive.
  12. I miss these characters so much. To think of those people who get to watch this for the first time. I’m so jealous.
  13. I've been subconsciously putting the finale off (I just don't want it to end nn), but I just caught this Race Chaser ep we think she's gonna work with Almodovar or something? She mentioned a big name Spanish director.
  14. One can dream!
  15. Yes, she will! It's a small cameo-like role in Almodóvar's forthcoming movie, one scene next to Penélope Cruz similarly to Rosalía in Dolor y gloria.
  16. I just love everything Almodovar does. That man is a genius. PERCHedT.
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