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Vengaboys - 1999 (I Wanna Go Back) *New Single*

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. The Iconic Vengaboys released a new single, which is a cover of Charli XCX's track of the same name.

  2. It really works. I love the video.
  3. This is quite literally the rare and elusive cover that's better than the original.

    The early 90's megamix vibe is IT.
  4. Excuse me? this is amazing! haha
  5. Got my life to this biking to work this morning. Something about her voice is also so comforting. The Vengaboys just work. I love them.

    Plus they are one of the very few 90s acts who actually go beyond one big song. And both albums had some serious dance bops outside of the singles.

    I once texted them if they could please do Vinyls and they actually replied it is being worked on but Covid delayed everything.
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  6. The video is very clever. Love it
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  7. This is genius (and a little bit creepy!)
  8. Howling at how much this BANGS.

    Feel like Charli herself will be obsessed.
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  9. Just came across the video on Instagram, this goes the hell off and the video is genius. I'm obsessed.
  10. This is SO good WOW!
  11. Bjork's Post being one of the covers totally cracks me up. And I think I like the production on this better than Charli's?
  12. The production on this is great. Kinda hope there's an instrumental out there because Charli's vocals on this would slap too
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  13. I think I prefer this to the original. That drop is so addictive.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Video of the year?? Maybe so.
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  15. I didn’t know I needed this but here it is. Love it.
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  16. I was bopping to Charli’s version and I’m bopping now.
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  17. I’m sort of obsessed with this?
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  18. This has zero right to be as good as it is.
  19. I ripped it before someone inevitably sues for using their likeness ddd
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  20. Of all the things I didn't think I needed but actually did, this tops the list. Icons.
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