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Venus (new girlband)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. Ace cover of the 702 classic.
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  2. The video has 244k views in one day, despite the fact they barely have 10k followers between Tiktok and Insta. Not suspicious at all.

    It’s a decent cover but the styling is really dated. Wonder who’s behind them?
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  3. Not just their styling is dated...everything about them. As in, their whole concept. The dance routine. The "each girl gets assigned a colour". The variety of band members (the token blonde long haired one, for example). All this makes me realize how much I miss that type of pop band. I am so here for them.

  4. Honestly, I'm here for it. It's like girlband 101. Kinda obsessed
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  5. Music video out as well
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  6. I'm getting gen-Z The Saturdays energy from them.
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  7. We already have the new Sugababes (FLO), the new Girls Aloud (CuteBad), the new Little Mix (Melladaze), so it's only fair for there to be a new Saturdays too. (I know any of these groups will be lucky to have even 10% the success their predecessors did, but anyway).
  8. I hear 7 different Dua Lipa songs in this one
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  9. Oh, I'm into this. I hope they are able to break through a little.
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  10. Amplifier is a proper bop! They're all gorgeous and sound great together. Will be keeping an eye on them...
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  11. ADM


    Wait this is a full on basic-bop that I LIVE for. I really hope some of these new girlbands manage to breakthrough in 2023!
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  12. Amplifier is still that smash. A shame it's been a bit slept on as I could totally picture it being a huge hit if it had been released as a David Guetta/Jax Jones/Joel Corry/[insert famous DJ] feat. VENUS song. Hope we get more music soon.
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