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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rhombus, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. @Nwonder Yes, that would be great! I'm rubbish at finding links though because I never really watch shows online. So I hope some of you can find them. The sites I find always seem to have dead links or they direct you to US iTunes and Hulu.
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  2. For anyone that can’t get Hulu.
    I stream everything through this site!
    It’ll be up there the day after it airs.
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  3. Amazing thank you!!!!
  4. For more legal-ish means we can also use a VPN service like Nord VPN to watch it on Hulu. Hopefully they will announce something about international distribution soon though.
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  5. I just realized Mo and Mercer were in the prisoner study together and how Mo said “it changes you” and connected it. I’ve only watched it three times (listened countless) but forgot about the picture.
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  6. The review embargo has been lifted.

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  7. So sounds like it’s very good all round?
  8. In addition to The Hollywood Reporter review, the only outright negative review I've seen is this one from GameSpot of all places. Consensus seems to be what that TV Guide review says really.
  9. I think I can guess that it’s likely due to (my own theory below)

    a major death near the end of the season that will piss certain fans off. I’ll take it if it’s an integral part of the story and makes sense.
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  10. Mhm, or another Logan/Veronica break up. Either way, I'm excited!
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  11. I'm a bit worried about what this big twist is that virtually every outlet discusses...

    Also, sad but not surprised that many reviews mention Wallace being wasted. I'm gonna share a lot of thoughts from my rewatch as soon as I finish the movie, but the biggest issue with season 3 was the fact that every character aside from Veronica and Logan was sidelined. They never bothered to develop meaty stories for Wallace, Mac, Weevil, Dick, etc. When they did get something to do, the stories would last for an episode and then the characters would disappear for 3 or 4 episodes. Mostly they were used to talk to Veronica about Logan or talk to Logan about Veronica. And all the focus given to Logan was mostly annoying, because he had become a shell of himself, basically just pining for Veronica. I wish they'd put some effort into involving Wallace in the main story here, but it sounds like that wasn't a priority.
  12. This is basically where I’m at with my own rewatch. They attempted to course correct with Mac; her romance with Max was cute if a little inconsequential. But Wallace was the biggest snub.

    I remember reading that the Coach Barry story was meant to be an arc in and of itself, and it would also have involved Wallace more, but it got sidelined in favor of the standalone stuff.
  13. It just seemed to strange to me that they didn't try to work Mac/Wallace into a mystery in season 3. I know it was apparently the plan at some point, but when those plans fell through they didn't bother giving Wallace anything else to do. He literally didn't have a storyline, particularly from mid-season on. Why not make him the suspect that Veronica has to clear in the Coach Berry story? It's like they didn't even try. Their friendship didn't develop at all, either. He basically popped in to eat with her in the cafeteria every few episodes. I also wish they tried to put more characters together - Weevil / Keith was such a fun pairing for one episode, but then they sent him off to work at the college. Logan and Mac also had a fun banter that was never really given much attention.

    Also: Review from the New York Post - 3.5/4 Stars
  14. I think Thomas caved too much to network pressure, solely to try and keep them happy so he could keep the show alive. It’s frustrating that it’s probably the results of that retooling that did more harm than good that season. Who did they think was going to tune into a random season 3 episode of a show they’ve never seen? Viewers’ habits had already changed dramatically at that point in 2007, it’s surprising how slow network television was to understand that.

    In any case, the new season sounds like it’ll be solid, depending on what that major twist will be, so I’m relieved and excited.
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  15. TVLine gave the new season an A- and The Atlantic also gave it a positive review which basically stated that the one downside is that it gets too dark/violent.

    I am PERCHED.
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  16. I mean I can only think of a few things that would alter the show in the way these reviews are suggesting.

    Give me that season 5 Logan Echolls murder mystery that I love. But not the Keith. Leave Keith alone.
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  17. Sounds like Ms Rob came through on his promise to go as dark as he wanted to.
  18. As much as I love Logan, I would prefer he died over Keith.
  19. Reading these comments make me so sad about how much potential VM had for plots for the supporting cast and they had next to nothing.

    Cheating and engineer debate (two eps)
    The castle (two eps)

    Moving on from Beaver and dating again

    Getting and keeping a job
    Accused of evildoing but not much evil doing going on
    Aside from the whole card machine

    I wonder how a plot with Wallace and Weevil and Mac and Weevil would have gone. They’ve all shown they’re capable of solving mysteries or being able to obtain information.

    Making the last five episodes standalone for new fans was simply idiotic. No one was going to check out five random episodes, especially when it’s for the end of the show? Wtf?
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  20. I tend to agree with the comments above about the third season. Overall, it was just a bit of a mess - mostly due to network involvement. They trimmed down the amount of episodes Mac and Wallace would be in early on because of budget, which meant if they wanted them throughout the whole season, there’d be stretches without them so no coherent storylines could be written. Three mysteries throughout the season seemed like a good idea in theory, but then they told them to do those standalones instead of the third mystery arc (which from my understanding was supposed to involve Mac and Wallace). Being on the CW also meant they dialed up the relationship drama by 1000, which is never what the show was about.

    There’s a review above that says it’s in the fabric of the show to be inconsistent and they kind of hit the nail on the head. Season 2, although it’s brilliant and has very few duds throughout, is extremely convoluted and has a million storylines going on at once. It ties up very well in the finale and has only gotten better with each rewatch, but at the time of airing it was difficult to follow. Season 1, however, is a damn near perfect season of tv. The balance between the Lilly Kane murder and episodic storylines and all the other plotlines is seriously admirable. It’s interesting to think about what a third, fourth etc season would’ve looked like had UPN and the WB stayed separate.

    I finished my rewatch yesterday including the movie and I have to say, even at its weakest points, the show was never anything less than extremely entertaining and a pleasure to watch. It really is one of the best series of all time, and I credit the Veronica/Keith dynamic, Kristen Bell’s acting and the snarky character writing for Veronica. I’m so glad we’re getting more.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the plot twist at the end of the new season is a Keith or Logan death. Frankly, I could do without Logan but I don’t think I’d want to watch the show without Keith.
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