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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rhombus, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. I haven't watched this yet and I'm completely spoiler free, but I'm getting vibes that something happens that might be controversial. And I'm dreading it. Is there any way to stream this or a boxset to buy?
  2. In the US it's on Hulu, in Canada it's on Crave. Not sure about internationally.
  3. I hate Hulu.
  4. Apparently it's being released on DVD towards the end of Oct.
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  5. You're right, Amazon has it listed (as Veronica Mars: The Complete First Season) for October 22nd release.
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  6. Just download it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  7. I really wanted to support this and give it my steams/coins but they made it impossible over here so... I made alternative arrangements.
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  9. I'm hoping you're right, I'm in the minority thinking season 4 was fantastic, and exactly what I wanted the show to be in 2019
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  10. Mvnl

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    I'm very much here for what he got in store for season 5. But I just like showrunners with a clear plan and vision, no matter if it pleases the diehard fans. In a way 'screw them I'm gonna tell the story I want to tell' is even more interesting.
  11. See y'all in 2034 to discuss season 5!
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  12. Season 4 was fantastic. It's sad that pretty much all discourse about the season has been hijacked by the voices of LoVe fangirls crying over the last 10 minutes. Of course his death would be a huge/defining moment for the series, but it's frustrating that season 4 succeeded where so many other reboots fail and yet nothing else is being talked about. (I don't mean on this forum, I mean across the internet). I'd really have loved to see a season 5 with more of the dark, twisty, kickass Veronica we got in the reboot. I think the show worked incredibly well with the dark-but-still-silly grownup vibes that Hulu allowed, and I have only myself to blame for letting myself envision a few more 8-episode seasons to come.
  13. What shocks me most about the deluded LoVe shippers is how they hung the entire weight of the show on one character, and one dynamic (the Veronica and Logan romance). Personally, I think that’s an insult to the larger narrative of the series and the incredible cohort of characters that Neptune has given us. Be mad if you want, sure. But if you’re willing to drop the show forever and never want to rewatch it again all because of one character’s fate (which came about just as his arc felt relatively complete) did you really like it all that much in the first place?

    I won’t get my hopes up, but after the movie it was the same type of conversation: Thomas was initially optimistic about it returning, then there were the “no current discussions” sound bites, and then news of the revival came at us out of nowhere. So, maybe they’re waiting for fans to come to terms with what happened, and we might see Veronica and co. further down the road. Regardless, season 4 was stellar and I’m glad we got to see it become a reality.
  14. Hopefully season four will end up on UK screens sooner rather than later...
  15. The sheer force of will some of you are displaying by not giving in and jumping on torrents.
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  16. Those LoVe stans are weird AF. Like the show is from 15 years ago, how old exactly are you?

    I've literally been attacked by accounts on twitter created to trash Rob Thomas, claiming his writing has been problematic from the beginning, so when exactly were you fans of the show?
  17. I’m actually glad it’s not being done, I hated the mystery and found the writing to be extremely inconsistent and Veronica’s growth has ceased to exist.
  18. That's what drives me mad about Hulu in the UK. We just don't get the content. I'd love to watch Season 4 of this.
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