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Veronica Mars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rhombus, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Uno


    Was the general consensus that S4 wasn't great? Because it genuinely was.
    Despite the last few min.
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  2. RJF


    Hmm really? What I liked about Season 4 the most was the version of Veronica that was presented to us felt like an authentic representation. The plucky teenager full of one-liners turned into a hardened, sometimes cold adult after everything she's been through and seen on the job. One of the most interesting dynamics about her and Logan this season was how she was so scornful and distrusting of him genuinely growing and working through issues mostly because she could never get past her own. I loved that there were moments I questioned her empathy and compassion because... it felt realistic? If her behaviour is stunted, then it's a fairly organic side effect of her trauma.

    On paper there's so little stopping Veronica being a total Mary Sue, and to be fair to Rob Thomas, it's a line he's more or less managed to walk for the show's entire ridiculous stop and start run. Like... if someone had told me we would get a full season a decade later I would have screamed with laughter.
  3. Season 4 was fantastic and that's that on that
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  4. If the show gets picked up, I don’t want another murder mystery. They’re boring and overdone. Come up with something new. Do a #metoo mystery. It’s current, will create buzz and they’ll get to have all kinds of celebrity cameos which I know Rob Thomas lives for. Or do a corporate espionage mystery or a mystery involving a prisoner of war or something. There’s so many options but Rob is creatively bankrupt when it comes to the mysteries at this point.
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