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Versace: American Crime Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Penelope Cruz IS Donatella Versace.

    Somebody hold me.
  2. That's actually pretty good casting.
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  3. Remember when it was going to be Gaga playing her. Was it just a timing issue that stopped that?
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  4. It was never going to be!
  5. Shoulda been Gina Gershon
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  6. Such a great casting. I wonder who'll portray Gianni and the 90s supermodels (they have to be featured right?)
  7. Edgar Ramirez is playing Gianni. Can we have Naomi Campbell playing Naomi Campbell?
  8. Of course Darren Criss is in it. James Franco must have been busy!
  9. Fuck I love Ricky Martin
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  10. Please give me sex scenes between Edgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin.
  11. Gaga's not playing Donatella? I figured it wouldn't end up happening due to how early it was reported. Bummer.
  12. Gaga doesn't have the range x

    Penelope is perfect casting.
  13. I have not watched a Ryan Murphy show regularly since Glee. I will definitely be watching this as it airs. The cast is perfect!!
  14. So much hotness in one picture.
  15. I feel like this season will be out before the Katrina season
  16. I really hope so. (it would be fine by me for Katrina to never come out........)
  17. I'm more excited about this than Katrina, though I'm sure both will be a good watch.
  18. Katrina only interests me because of Annette Bening. Otherwise, I don't understand who it won't be a mess.

    The Versace story, however, is exactly the zeitgeisty, campy, aesthetic beast I want from this series.
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