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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by youthless, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone seen this??

    Its brilliant, Barcelona looks sensational in it & Javier Bardem is sooooooooo hot.
    The story is typically slight as Woody Allen films go but its very funny.
    Also Penelope Cruz is equal parts crazy & sexy & really good, she deserved the Oscar.
  2. Re: Vicky Christina Barcelona

    It's Cristina, not Christina!

    I adored it. It's not the kind of film that I'd normally watch, but I was intrigued by it one night when I was avoiding doing my work and I enjoyed it so much. I was rooting for Penelope Cruz at the Oscars and was so glad when she won, her performance is so fierce and passionate.

    The soundtrack to the film is also really good. I've had 'Barcelona' by Guilio Y Los Tellarini on my playlist as I go to Uni for the last two months and makes me feel like I'm on holiday for 3 minutes before being dragged back down to reality once it's finished.

    I'd tell everybody to watch it. It's the perfect Sunday evening kind of film.
  3. Re: Vicky Christina Barcelona

    I love Barcelona to bits, love Scarlett Johansson to bits, and thought Match Point was brilliant (Scoop less so, but let's brush over that), so I expected it to be great and it was.

    The only problem was the colossal urge I got to go back to Barcelona, which I still have.
  4. Agreed on all counts. I think it should be a law that Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz must be in at least one movie a year together, they are magic on screen. And let's also give some kudos to Rebecca Hall as well... Now I must go to Barcelona myself.
  5. Re: Vicky Christina Barcelona

    Sorry! I guess I never noticed.

    Oh god the first thing I did after was look up flights to just looks amazing. And that place Oviedo where they went for 'that weekend'.....dya know anything about there??
  6. Re: Vicky Christina Barcelona

    I do not, having only been to the city itself. However if it's half as nice as the city it's worth a trip!

    It really is one of the nicest places I've ever visited, very lively and cool - can't wait to go back there again!
  7. "'s such an evil thing"
  8. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I was disappointed with the sudden non-ending. woody has been making a habit of this which worked in Annie Hall but wasn't as satisfying in this. Penelope Cruz was HILARIOUS! I wish he'd give Scarlett a stronger role in a later film as she is good in his films.
  9. He probably will, he refers to Scarlet as his muse doesn't he?
  10. Ah! I love this movie so much! I saw it on the plane on the way back from Bangkok, and fell in love with basically every single character (the city itself included!)
  11. Re: Vicky Christina Barcelona

    There's a Woody Allen statue there:

  12. It took me a while to get into it but I actually really liked the last 30 minutes or so.

    Has it only just come out in the UK or something?!?
  13. It came out at around Valentine's Day in the UK I think.
  14. Oh right... I think it's been out here (Spain) since about November. I saw it in the UK though, and thought it was strange when I was back for a week in February that it was sold out!

    Has it has a proper release in the Uk, or just limited?
  15. Just saw this on DVD. Wow what a truly beautiful film. The soundtrack was amazing too. One of those films you can just watch again and again.
  16. It's very good actually. I loved that cultural mistakes and I really laughed my arse off during scenes that were not really funny just imagining how a Catalan would take it. People in the cinema must have though I was a bit crazy though…
  17. Sorry to bump such an old topic up but I just saw this and it was off the chain amazing. Everybody acted their arse off, the writing was great, the storylines were hilarious and kind of moving all at once, the editing was so snappy and it all added up to something incredibly charming.

    Favourite bits were Vicky's absolute shock at how upfront Juan-Antonio was in inviting them to sleep with him, María-Elena telling Cristina she has 'thoughts of killing you', and Vicky saying to Cristina at the end that 'it's over' when clearly that was the last thing she wanted it to be. Perfect film.
  18. Don't forget the amazing narrator!
  19. I hated everything about this film apart from the fabulous Penelope.

    Would have walked out if it hadn't been for her.
  20. This film was billed by reviewers as some ground-breaking bohemian delicious art house extravaganza but I was a tad disappointed when I viewed it.

    Don't get me wrong, I did like it and Penelope was utterly fab, it just felt like quite an awkward movie to sit through and watch - and not just because of the premise.
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