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Victoria Beckham

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Alfie, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    That would’ve been so iconic. Imagine a fight sequence with Out of Your Mind in the background.
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  2. Who do I email to to remind her the demand for an official release of Open Your Eyes is still very much there? Brooklyn?
  3. Now THAT would have been MAJOR!
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  4. Harper, obvs!

    Her and Star Lily are the masterminds behind everything, don’t you know!
  5. Opening up her social media to find tons of cigs asking about her mom’s long lost 2nd solo album is not exactly how I’d intend for Harper’s teenage years to look like, you know.

    Star Lily on the other hand... She did what she had to do.
  6. GCZ


    Are the credits available for the Open Your Eyes album? I’d like to add them to my iTunes.
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  7. This landmark album was released 20 years ago today

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  8. "Midnight Fantasy" all the way!
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  9. I still really enjoy this album
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  10. It's such a solid debut. And still holds up even to this day. Slick production values.
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  11. Like That should have been a Spice Girls song, or at the very least a single.
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  12. Manifesting a 20th Anniversary Edition with Be With You included.
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  13. This LP needs a vinyl release!
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  14. As solo Spice albums go, this is up there as one of the their most solid and consistent outputs, it’s just a shame that, at the time, the press had taken such a dislike to Victoria that the project failed.

    Songs such as, ‘Like That’, ‘Midnight Fantasy’, ‘IOU’, ‘I Wish’ and ‘Unconditional Love’ are literally all top tier tracks.

    Yet, ‘A Mind of Its Own’, ‘That Kind of Girl’, ‘No Trix, No Games’ and ‘Watcha Talking about’ are just as solid.

    My only disappointment came from the fact she never included ‘Out of Your Mind’.
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  15. I’d love an anniversary edition with Victoria’s vocals on the songs.
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  16. WaiT. What’s the behind stories?
  17. It should pain me to say it as a Geri stan, but VB is the best solo Spice album.
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  18. Not when Northern Star and Free Me are right there.
  19. VB, Free Me, Northern Star and Hot are all great.
  20. Of all solo Spice albums, I think Victoria Beckham has aged the best. It still sounds great.
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