Victoria Beckham

That's the thing though are we even sure it's a demo? It sounds... Really complete. Like they had finished it and the single version is the remix.
I think it’s just the album version and then it got sent for remixing a la I Turn To You and the remix became the version.
You may be right, but wasn’t there a story that the ‘Demo’ mix was used in a car advert campaign abroad (Japan?)?

I am 99% I am not making this up but remember this being a story around the time of its release.

Either way, it’s great to have two versions of a song, where they both sound fantastic!
Yeah, that's pretty much what happened to it. Its finished version got to the remixes stage and then they found out the Full Intention version improved it in spades. The original one never saw the official daylight.
I would love if Victoria went and surprised us all and released a limited vinyl release (let’s say between 3,000 - 5,000) copies of her second album: ‘Come Together and Open Your Eyes’.

With such a small release, it would sell out and prove successful, plus we would get an entire double vinyl LP of all her songs during this era.

Surely Vicky B owns the masters and rights to her songs, no?
The issue is, a lot of people involved in the creation of songs only get paid when the songs are used/released - as the majority haven’t been, I can’t see any way that this would ever happen.

Considering it’s hard enough/impossible to get the released single on streaming, I think the most we could ever possibly dream for would be the songs from The Real Beckham bonuses pressed onto vinyl from this era.

The debut on the other hand… she might have to sign off on it as it’s not been pressed on vinyl before, but is more likely if any VB ever got a vinyl reissue.
Full Intention version
Fucking GAGGED. I was never able to get the maxi so had no idea this was the version the single mix was based off of. Listening to it now…

So the Full Intention mix is, for all intents and purposes, actually the “Extended Mix”.

EDIT: Wait, it’s not even on the maxi! So is this version promo only?
The only song from 'Open Your Eyes' that doesn't quite work as well from me is 25 Minutes. I think it just needed something else to give it some oomph. The rest is all pretty much 8-9/10's for me. I think that original version of Let Your Head Go is also massive and I love how electronic it is. It's like how Goldfrapp would have approached that song.

The Come Together material isn't as well crafted but still has some real highlights, I especially like Freedom and her version of Resentment.

I attempted something different for my YouTube channel and had a discussion with another fan about these albums. It goes live from 10:00am UK time if anyone is interested.

Completely agree with @bonnieetclyde, that the ‘Open Your Eyes’ album is some of her strongest material to date. So many incredible tracks that really showcased the potential Victoria had as a pop star. Hell, she even looked her best here in terms of imagery, compared to the attention grabbing attire of ‘Not Such an Innocent Girl’.

For me, the best songs from Her pop album includes, ‘Flow’, ‘Shoud Have Known Better’, ‘I’d Give it All Away’, ‘Full Stop’, ‘Open Your Eyes’ and of course ‘Let Your Head Go’. However the remaining material is still top tier and every time I give it a spin, I discover something new I love about it.

As for her urban album, there are flourishes of good songs, but the versions I find are not HQ and mastered well so I find that off putting, but ‘Dat Simple’, ‘Come Together’, ‘Freedom’, ‘I’ll Take You There’, ‘Spell on Me’ and (of course) ‘This Groove’ are some of the better songs. With a bit of polishing on the editing and mastering, these would sound incredible!