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Victoria Monét - Jaguar EP + Experience (New Single feat. Khalid)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Ooh this is fire.
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  2. Me after reading this and being like yes sapphic bops on the way, then remembering a certain queer R&B singer who was in a polyamorous relationship and got pregnant.
  3. Ddd I immediately thought of Kehlani too. I thought she was dating Tayla Parx for awhile but I guess this confirms it’s not about her?
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  4. I'm shook! Not only am I like okay wow hot, but also like imagine a collab?
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  5. "Project" title is called Jaguar?

  6. SMG


    This is so gorgeous.
  7. Yes, it was confirmed back on page 6. Not sure why she's treating this as new information haha
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  8. Ddd oh yeah. Damn we've been waiting for this for 4 months already. Let's get a move on girl.
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  9. She’s Apple Music’s Up Next artist for the month!

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  10. Monopoly is still that bop. Sorry not sorry!

    Great interview! Does anyone know the girl group she used to be in? I'm intrigued.
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  11. Purple Reign. It was formed by Rodney Jerkins and Lashawn Daniels (The Boy is Mine, Say My Name songwriter) but I don’t think anything official ever came out? They had a mixtape in 2010.
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  12. Thanks!

    Well I found this...and some very awkward acapella cover videos in potato quality.

    I forgot how much of a bop Say Something is.
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  15. Might be her best video yet
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  16. Damn, that was amazing. Those transitions...chills.

    The only special effect that looked off was him sinking into the floor.
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