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Victoria Monét - Jaguar

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Her EP is really solid. Ready could’ve fit on it perfectly. Freak is the only ‘bop’ on this and I was surprised at how midtempo heavy the project is. I hope she gets a few cuts on Ariana’s next album too since I’d love to hear Ari on most of these songs.
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  2. The masterbatory anthem we all need:
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  3. I need Ari on Freak tbqh. Maybe once AG4 is out - and why it lasts 2 secs?
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  4. What a brilliant EP. Infatuated.
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  5. Got damn got damn... TEN NEW FRIENDS

    Sis snapped.
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  6. Someone help me, what does "Freak" sample/sound like?
  7. Getting slight
  8. I was getting major self-titled album Aaliyah vibes from 'Freak'. Especially this:

    A solid EP though! I agree with @Vasilios too, I keep wondering what Ari would sound like on these.
  9. Her music video for Freak should be dropping soon!

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  10. I like this. I hope we get part 2. or a full album soon.
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  11. Freak is so good!
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  12. Reminds me of Aaliyah.
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  13. I’m amazed how great the Freak video is. Sis is putting that songwriting coin to good use.
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  14. The new remix has a cute outro too:

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