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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Ass Like That is out everywhere now. Next full-length project is called Jaguar.

    Lyric video:

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  2. Ooh, this is a nice jam! I didn't expect it to sound this smooth.
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  3. Love the song, hate the lyrics. Interesting she picked this single after all the Ariana attention she got.
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  4. I'm becoming completely captivated by this woman. Her first two projects are class. Big Janet / Kelly Rowland / Brandy and a bunch of other RnB classic sounds and nods all filtered through a pre Ariana lens.
    I think there's some exciting things to come.
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  5. I tried looking for this info but couldn't find it, any idea on release date?
  6. New interview:

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  7. It's so good.
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  8. She’s just mentioned it to fans on social media. No official release date but I’d assume before Xmas? She usually doesn’t take too long to follow up her lead singles with an EP.
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  9. I just heard Ass Like That today and muffy sis, the soulfulness, the laidbackness, the chorus - I LIVE.

    Come through Ms Monet - it's your time to SHOINE.
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  10. Interview with MTV News:

  11. Wait, I didn't know she basically released an album last year!? I thought she just had a few songs out, among them Monopoly, which I bop to quite a bit.
  12. She put out an album’s worth of songs last year in the form of 2 EP’s and several music videos.

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  14. The Ready music video is a great showcase for her too!

  15. Listened to the EPs and LOVED them!! Seriously how great is she!?
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  16. Ass Like That is the first time I've connected to her musically so I'm ecstatic right now! Gotta love a self-empowerment, slow jam.
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  17. Anyone else hear Africa/Toto in the verse melody of Ass Like That?
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  18. Interview from last night’s Billboard Women in Music event:

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