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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I can't comment on RE2 as I don't play horror games, but I found Original Sin 2 to be extremely dense and overwhelming, and not in a good way. I definitely don't recommend it unless you're into that kind of old school CRPG experience.

    You should just get DQ11 really, it's legitimately one of the best JRPGs of the decade.
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  2. If you suffer from anxiety then RE2 might not be for you. I’m still building myself up for an initial run but the scarcity of ammo plus the fact the zombies are MUCH harder to kill and the fact I’ll be hunted by Mr. X eventually still psyches me out.

    Otherwise, it’s a gorgeous game and quality remake, I recommend it.
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  3. It seems to run fine for me. I’ve never played it before so can’t compare.
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  4. Taking an approach to go for the legs rather than kill really helps with the ammo shortage. I ended up feeling like I had loads.
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  5. Yep, going for staggering zombies over trying to waste them is paramount even on difficulties lower than Hardcore on RE2.
  6. Too bad my aim suuuucks. Lara In Shadow of the Tomb Raider kept dying not from the battles but from the fucking DLC tomb where you had to shoot the green button as the raft was moving towards her doom.
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  7. I’m playing the latest Star Wars and fucking hell, this is good. It’s basically Tomb Raider in space.
  8. Greetings, sistren.

    I'm no @Animalia and the Ultimate Gamejustice is impossible to live up to, but it's that time of year (and decade) to collectively celebrate and groan about games of the year/decade gone by. With the help of @soratami, below are categories compiled for the PJ Game of the Year Awards and PJ Best of the Decade Awards. I'll need y'all to submit your one selection for each category to my inbox by January 19. Submit for as many categories as you feel comfortable with. Commentary is encouraged but not required. We'll post the results throughout January.

    A brief retrospective:

    ~2019~ was the year e-sports gained further momentum, Nintendo released a Switch that doesn't switch, Resident Evil 2 finally got its due as a proper remake, Microsoft unveiled its latest console to the sound of crickets, and Sony did a whole lotta ... nothing. But, it was also a year loaded with fantastic indie experiences involving a destructive goose, a doped-up samurai, and women in yoga pants powering through neon-colored levels set to electro-pop. It was also the year of exciting DLC characters in fighting games (CC: Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat 11), every mid-shelf Nintendo franchise we love but tend to forget about (plus, a plastic ring and Pokemon!), the kickoff of a proper--inessential as it may be--video-game-streaming platform, and ... wait for it ...



    ... Anyway. 'Twas a year to be remembered as a transition year, to be sure, but still gave us plenty of worlds to escape into, compelling re-releases, and news to gab about that leads us nicely into the new decade.

    The ~2010s~, meanwhile, was another transformative decade for--lest we forget--a still-young entertainment medium. It's the decade video games surpassed music and movies combined in revenue; it's the decade e-sports became a thing (and even has arenas being built specifically for the sport); the decade both Nintendo and Sony got their mojo back while Microsoft had it and lost it; the decade technology and design finally allowed for the open-world experiences we'd only previously dreamed of in the form of games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Breath of the Wild; the decade new characters like Alloy emerged; the decade the latest hot-goth boy group turned out to be a band of adventurers in a mainline Final Fantasy title; the decade of zeitgeisty Pokemon Go and Fortnite; the decade Kratos became a masc dad who's slightly more tolerable; and a decade that likely bid farewell to the last wave of handheld gaming devices (RIP: 3DS and Vita).

    And here, the categories are ...

    PJ Game of the Year Awards

    Game of the Year
    Best RPG
    Best Racing Game
    Best Action/Adventure Game
    Best Multiplayer Game
    Best Puzzle Game
    Most Innovative
    Best Graphics
    Best Narrative
    Best Music
    Best New Character
    Best Mobile Game
    Most Likely to Be Remembered
    Game in a Franchise that Had It, Lost It, Got It Again

    PJ Best of the Decade Awards

    Game of the Decade
    Best RPG
    Best Racing Game
    Best Action/Adventure Game
    Best Multiplayer Game
    Best Puzzle Game
    Best Music/Soundtrack
    Graphics Queen
    Best Narrative
    Best Mobile Game
    Best Indie Game
    Best Platform
    Queer Icon Award
    Game Developer of the Decade
    Comeback of the Decade
    Gaming Moment of the Decade
    Game Series That Most Needs to Evolve in the 2020s
    Most Anticipated Game of 2020
    Flop of the Decade

    Happy voting!


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  9. Yas. I'm especially curious to see how the decade categories will turn out, with so many games to choose from.
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  10. Ring fit really puts you through your paces, huh?

    I lowkey want the protagonist to be in Smash with Wii Fit Trainer...
  11. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I caved last night and bought a 4TB hard drive for my PS4. Battlefront 2 and its regular enormous updates broke me. I'm tired of having only about a quarter of my library actually playable on the system.
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  12. I think my favourite video game moment of the year by far was that Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. I pray it comes out late next year. (I know it probably won't.)
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  13. just picked this up in the sale, hope it’s good!
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  14. It isn't quite like anything else out there!
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I bought a PlayStation for my own Christmas present and I’m working my way through Persona 5. I missed having RPGs with turn based battles and silly side quests in my life.
  16. So no PopJustice charts for at least 3 months?
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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Why do you think I haven’t tagged y’all every day this month?
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  18. I posted about this already but I bought Battlefront 2 and it took me from like 9 AM until 1 AM to download the whole game last week.

    Been enjoying it though. Wish more people played because the game is a lot better than when it launched since they've changed up their model to not be pay to win or having to do dumb stuff like beating the single player campaign to unlock certain characters.

    Only thing that annoys me is in Capital Supremacy, when everyone is trying to get into the final room on board the ship... everyone funnels down 1 choke point hallway instead of going through the 3 or 4 OTHER ways into the room.
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  19. The new Star Wars game is so short, I feel conned.
  20. It's a good 12-15 hours? Like about the length of a Tomb Raider/Uncharted even if the exploration is a tad pointless because the rewards are a bit meh.
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