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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. So now that the year is over, what were everyone's favourite games of 2021?

    My top 5:
    1. Tales of Arise - Easily one of the best JRPGs of the last few years and possibly the best game in the series, which is saying a lot, because there are some truly excellent Tales games. Hits the mark in every way
    2. Psychonauts 2 - Just perfection
    3. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - An absolutely flawless way to revisit some of the very best games ever made, really couldn't have asked for more from these remasters
    4. Bravely Default II - Super fun and charming old-school JRPG with one of the best job systems and turn-based combat I've ever seen
    5. New Pokémon Snap - As someone who's been a Pokémon fan from the start, getting to see and explore the Pokémon world in such an gorgeous, alive way was a massively enjoyable experience

    Just missing a spot is Lost Judgment, another excellent entry in a series that never fails to deliver. Of course there are some 2021 releases I haven't got around to playing yet that I could see possibly making the list, like The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Shin Megami Tensei V.
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  2. I didn't really play a lot of games that were released in 2021, so most of these are older:

    1. Anodyne 2: Return To Dust - an incredibly good indie game. It's like Psychonauts (traveling into people's minds) mixed with Link's Awakening (headspace levels are 2D, top-down puzzle dungeons) mixed with Spyro (real-world levels are low-poly 3D platforming, and it gets kind of collectathon-y later on), and then splashed with great writing and queer themes. And the game encourages you to break its levels and explore out of bounds which is really cool.

    2. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Vanillaware visual novel meets adventure game meets RTS. Maybe the best story of any game ever?

    3. Earthbound - finally got around to it, it's as good as everyone says it is.

    4. A Hat In Time - indie 3D platformer with super satisfying movement, really creative level design, and surprisingly in-depth boss fights. It's a really quick game too, which is nice.

    5. Get In The Car, Loser! - a free downloadable RPG, a lot like FFXIII in its battle system and design. Also has visual novel elements because the lead designer cut her teeth making them. It's a really straightforward game, all you do is battle and talk to your party, but the writing is great, the battle system is deep and fun, and the story is about queer people saving the world, so I dug it.

    Honorable mention to Super Metroid. Also to Omori - I donated to the Kickstarter back in 2014 so I figured it was worth a play, and I loved it for about 2/3rds of the way through.
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  3. I've been replaying Fallout: New Vegas and honestly they just should overhaul and update it for the current gen consoles cause it really is the best Fallout. I am quaking all over again, the nostalgia paid off with this one cause it's still great.
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  4. Rob


    I've just finished Kena Bridge of Spirits on PS5 and, whilst offering nothing hugely original, it was an absolute delight. It's probably the most Nintendo-like experience I've had on a PlayStation console and I'd highly recommend it if you like Zelda or action-adventure titles.
  5. He


    I am definitely getting it this month, since it is on sale.

    Seems like an extremely promising first game for the developers.
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  6. I'd never heard of Anodyne before but it definitely looks like something I'd enjoy! I should give it a try sometime. I really need to get around to playing 13 Sentinels too, Odin Sphere is one of my favourite games ever and I loved Dragon's Crown too, and everything I've read about makes it seem amazing.
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  7. I started Ghost of Tsushima, and mama, the cut scenes. Enough!
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  8. I don't think 2021 had the soaring highs of some years, but overall it was a pretty good year for gaming.

    My top five:

    1. Tales of Arise. Basically, what @soratami said x2. I can't wait to see what they do with the next game now that they have such a solid foundation to work from.
    2. Resident Evil: Village. Honestly, I'm surprised this got ignored in all the GOTY lists. I consider myself a fair-weather Resident Evil fan, so my perspective is a bit unusual, I guess, but this really nailed the balance of action-horror. And, to boot, it felt more next-gen than a lot of actual next-gen games that released this year, despite being a cross-gen title.
    3. Age of Empires IV. So often, older franchises get revived and they just don't feel like themselves anymore. I'm grateful this was not the case with Age of Empires IV: The developers clearly knew what works well with this franchise and mostly focused on fine-tuning and modernizing. I think it worked out really well. What's more, I actually enjoy the single player in an RTS, for once, thanks to the rewarding and thoughtful 4K videos they recorded of scenes from around the world.
    4. Bravely Default II. It's all about the job system. I can't think of another game that does it as well.
    5. Scarlet Nexus. This one really surprised me, and I'm glad I played it before Tales of Arise because it adjusted me to the new combat that they were clearly experimenting with in this game. The story was also decent, despite being full of the usual tropes about time, etc.
    I'll give an honorable mention to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, too. I've only gotten through two chapters since I bought it over the summer, but that's only because it's such a time sink. It's a really refreshing take on the franchise and I hope they don't shy away from continuing to experiment.
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  9. I am positively smitten by Spiritfarer. Very peaceful, slightly psychedelic, very Kacey Musgraves circa Golden Hour vibes all around.

    If you want something immersive with elements of point-and-click adventures meets resource management, it's a hit.
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  10. Beat Guardians of the Galaxy the other night, it was an absolute HOOT from start to finish. Holding Out For a Hero playing as I huddled up in one of the final battles... incredible. In hindsight I wish I would have played it on Hard though, it never really put up much of a challenge. I hope we get DLC.

    Moving on to Deathloop. Started it last night, liking the first couple of hours but I'm still getting my head around all the mechanics.
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  11. So I have been playing Tales of Arise for the past week or so and am now at just before the final boss battle. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Great visuals, beautiful visuals. Character designs are pretty great and the Artes, Boost Strikes etc animations are gorgeous.
    2. Fun, snappy battle. It reminds me of FFVIIR in a way, and maybe Persona 5 Strikers too. I do prefer to button mash so I mainly play as Law - I find him more engaging to play vs Alphen and he reminds me of Tifa (including his Awakening). The other 4 also have unique use and I think are great being AI controlled. I kind of wish there is a way to "cancel" the Artes halfway - sometimes the enemy moves so quickly and Law is just hitting empty space due to the long Artes animation. You can "cancel" magic Artes by evading but can't seem to cancel "physical" Artes halfway?
    3. Fast travel and shared EXP for inactive party members should be a MUST in all RPGs so I appreciate that they are here. Shared EXP incentivise me to keep changing my character IMO.
    4. The world is big enough for my taste. I don't like too open-world/explorative, but not too linear either.
    5. Tracked side quests is great. The side quests themselves + fishing are not super hard and I actually want to do all of them. I just hate those side quests where luck plays into the equation *side eyes FF X*. I even plan to play any post-game stuff, which is a first for me.

    1) The story is pretty basic and towards the end became a bit desperate. It's like when you have to hit the minimum word count and you keep adding layers upon layers that it became convoluted. They pretty much dump expositions towards the end and it's all very WTF moments, but not in a good way.
    2) The characters morals/personalities seem inconsistent. They seem to flip flop and at times contradict what they say moments before, rather than naturally evolve if that makes sense?
    3) The battle feels long. Each battle is probably not any longer than traditional turn-based combats, but it just feels long because certain enemies and especially bosses have too high HP. At the halfway mark, I lowered my difficulty setting to Story and the battles are NOT any shorter ddd. I was so confused what the difference is between Normal and Story, but I think it just reduces the damage the party takes (I definitely use less healing/CP gels), rather than overall easier AI/lower stats of the enemies. I heard they have now released a free DLC to add Very Easy difficulty level now too.
    4) The game is very economical in terms money, especially up until the last dungeon. Healing and CP items are VERY expensive. I am not sure how people can play this game on Hard! I heard they sell DLCs for more money and EXP and if that's the case then this seems shady.
    5). Very limited number of enemy types. I understand most games just paint a new coat over a small number of enemy types, but in this game the number seems especially few.

    Overall it is pretty great. I am a sucker for fun snappy battle with great visuals and this delivers on that front. The story definitely lets it down, and at times I cringe at some of the dialogue too. I will give it a 8/10.

    I wonder if anyone has any other RPGs to recommend that is sort of similar to this? I was thinking of Scarlet Nexus but the reviews for that seem worse than this.
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  12. Damn, Sony really started 2022 with a bang. All of this sounds really promising
  13. Guys It Takes Two is incredible. I wouldn’t have known about it if it hadn’t been for the Game of The Year award but phew!! it was well deserved.
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  14. You might like it, but you have to throw away any expectation of it being like a Tales game--or even an RPG. It's more of an action game with RPG elements. The DNA the two franchises share, I'd say, are most evident in the character interactions, anime style, and the snappy combat.

    That said, Scarlet Nexus also gave me strong Astral Chain vibes, except not quite as good. I would absolutely recommend Astral Chain, if you haven't played that yet.
  15. I just checked Astral Chain but it looks like it is only on Nintendo Switch? I only have PS5 unfortunately! I don't necessarily mind if it is more of an action game. Is it like Nier: Automata? I quite liked that too.
  16. Ddddd, the way I just assume everyone has a Switch these days ...

    I think it's more linear than Nier: Automata, but similar in the sense that there are no transitions to battle. And Scarlet Nexus is pretty combo-oriented.
  17. I'm playing Remothered: Broken Porcelain and even though it's pretty buggy the story is simply mind-blowing. Survival Horror at its finest.
  18. I gifted it to my sister and her boyfriend. I wish I had one for co-op games, as I really wanna play it too! I only have Switch and a laptop though... Maybe someday.

    I'm now playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise, trying to get blue roses too and Mario 3D All Stars - starting with Mario 64... It's ok.
  19. I am going to drop I Am Setsuna for Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

    I Am Setsuna is just so boring and bland. Where is the flavor? It almost comes off like it was made with RPG Maker or something.
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  20. Thankfully, Tokyo Mirage Sessions is the absolute opposite of a game being flavorless. The game is so colorful and loud and energetic (probably to the detriment of the serious-faced RPG-heads in gamer circles). It's so much fun.
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