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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Persona 5 Royal, Tales of Berseria/Arise and Yakuza: Like A Dragon are all absolutely excellent games, so you're off to a great start. Final Fantasy XV is... not absolutely excellent, but it's still worth playing for a FF/RPG fan. In terms of PS4 JRPGs that aren't also on the Switch, aside from the ones you listed, the two Nier games (Automata and Replicant) are must plays too. The rest of the Yakuza/Judgment series is definitely worth checking out if you like Like A Dragon too, though unlike that one, the other titles all action games with RPG elements rather than straight-up RPGs.
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  2. Going into Elden Ring, I knew what to expect - a cool but vague story, challenging bosses, no hand holding. However, because of the fact that now we have an gigantic open world, I wasn't expecting 2 things that are very frustrating and I can't believe 10/10 reviewers haven't mentioned this:

    1. Now that there are 15-20 NPCs, having a journal where conversations are written down is a must - I mean, how can I remember what some guy said to me 20 hours ago which could be like a month ago in real life?

    2. I definitely shouldn't punished be if I go somewhere earlier. I see advices like "don't go here before talking to this NPC or else you will get locked out out of the sidequest'. I am not one of those fans who will replay this game 8 times in order to have a full experience so that is just bullshit.

    Here is similar explanation: I was fighting a boss near the bridge and he threw me in such a way that I survived a fall and he jumped after me so we actually continued fighting. But hey, 2 minutes later the boss just, poof, disappears! The other time I guess I lured him too far from the bridge because he vanished again. If this is indeed an open world, then this shouldn't have happened. If you want to restrict me and say "fight this boss HERE" then at least put some invisible walls on me.

    Because of these annoying things, I would give this game a fair 8/10 but fanboys/fangirls, you do you I guess - I saw one comment where, after someone said journal should be there, "FromSoftware wants the community to come together and help each other". Riiiight...
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  3. I don’t know, the intricate level design, creature/character design, and graphics alone make Elden Ring an absolute masterpiece in my book.

    But agree, a lot of quest-lines seem literally impossible without online guides…
  4. And that alone makes it a game with flaws, even if it is masterpiece and you'd at least expect a 9/10 but nobody mentioned this. Its even a bigger problem when you get locked out of something because you did it too early. The fact that you have to use a guide shouldn't be praised. I'd rather see that having a buzz instead of articles "the game is too hard, it needs an easy mode". It doesn't but FromSoftware should really consider these issues if they continue creating gigantic games". Its like they too wrapped up over a fact that it shouldn't have any clutch. I am sorry but a simple journal and unmissable quests isn't too much to ask.
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  5. Sadly the Souls series has always been like that, so I guess maybe that's something reviewers didn't feet was even worth mentioning. It is kind of funny how reviews work for games of this scale, if the hype is there and the overall quality is there, they can have glaring flaws but those won't actually affect scores. Kind of like how Skyrim got nothing but perfect/near-perfect reviews despite having absolutely dreadful combat.
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  6. Anyone know of any cheap but decent quality controllers compatible with PC? I prefer the PlayStation button layout over Xbox but since I play very casually I can't justify the $80 price tag. It boggles my mind that PS4 controllers are still so expensive a decade later.
  7. I find it funny that they were actually fair with FF7 remake which didn't have a perfect score, it was rightfully criticized for padding the story but it was otherwise a very faithful remake. I guess reviewers are human beings as we all are and they also fangirl/are biased haha! I know Souls games are always like that but I still hope FromSoftware considers changing a bit at least in the future if they are planning to continue making such huge games. This wasn't really a problem before when you had like 5 NPCs and limited locations but now, oh boy!

    This Girlfriend Review channel is hilarious, the montage during the first cutscene killed me, I was like, SAME haha!:

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  8. I do wish Elden Ring gave me just a bit more of hand holding. But I think that, coming off of Horizon Forbidden West, which practically plays itself in parts, it's refreshing to have a game ask you to pay attention and actually try to navigate the world as the clueless [Tarnished] soul you're supposed to be. As a role-playing technique, I think it's effective--and maybe less bothersome to me knowing that there are plenty of other AAA open-world games that do tone down the difficulty and let me experience their worlds through "Story Modes," etc.

    I think my gripe with Elden Ring is that I want more from the story, and I just don't know how to piece any of it together. I prefer when games let me stumble upon a library or something and read texts that offer some more concrete historical context.

    And not a huge deal, but graphically, I do think this looks like a slight step down from the Demon's Souls remake on PS5. But hey, maybe they'll hire Bluepoint Games in 10 years to polish it up.
  9. I agree about storytelling. I don't have any problem reading through descriptions but its still not easy to piece it all together. I mean, its only when I watched a detailed video did I notice the depth of the Bloodborne game. I am sure I will need to do the same for Elden Ring.
  10. Honestly the obtuseness is what's making the game stand out from something like Breath of the Wild for me. The "lore" is 95% fan fiction. The fun is watching a bunch of nerds try to weave something out of crumbs--it says a lot about them and their psyche nn.
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  11. Yeah it is time for Fromsoft to step up their storytelling game. More choices and dialogues would be welcome too. The ambiguity kinda worked in Dark Souls but Elden Ring left me wishing for more, and even for a complete different approach.

    And to be honest there are really great stories. Millicent, Sellen, Ranni and the whole stuff around Fia is pretty gripping when you look for it. It is just a chore to undserstand what is going on and feels cheap at this point coming from them.
  12. Well, especially when the game kicked off with headlines of "George R.R. Martin contributed to the story!" Leaves you awfully disappointed when you realize how secondary it all is.
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  13. Just bought Shenmue III, has anyone played it?

    I completed II on Xbox years ago and watched the cutscene movie of the first game.
  14. Dddd I hope you have…patience
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  15. Is it slow? In all fairness II wasn’t exactly action packed…
  16. It’s not just that there’s some like really bullshit mechanics and grindy stuff to inflate the run time.

  17. Woop at classic sonic on my switch I guess
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  18. This very cool looking 4th chapter boss is kicking my ass in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, especially when I get him down to low health. I might need to grind a little, which I haven't done so far. I usually try to beat RPGs without grinding as it's not my favorite aspect of being a JRPG junkie.
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  19. Sonic 3 and Knuckles finally being released from the Michael Jackson induced purgatory it’s been in for a decade let’s celebrate that
  20. Doesn't the Switch re-release have the EXP / Skill Up dungeons unlocked from the start (they were DLC in the Wii U version)? They'll give you books that level up your characters and you grab a bunch in a really short period of time if I recall correctly.
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