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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Def getting this for the Switch. It just feels right.


    I’ll wait.

  2. I guess ‘additional music tracks’ will mean my much preferred Japanese soundtrack for Sonic CD?
    Urgh I hate it here
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  3. No mention of Xenogay 3 ?1? Flop cigs !!!

    Was fully expecting this in the fall so this is a pleasant surprise.
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  4. I still need to play the second Xenoblade. I thought the first was superb and the story was pretty good by JRPG standards.
  5. People have been talking about it in the Nintendo thread nn
  6. FFFF my bad.
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  7. I want this game purely for the character customization dd. I wasn't sure about the art style based on the previous trailers but it actually looks pretty good. Only thing I don't like is the look of the cars.

    Also the fact that this game won't have a proper multiplayer mode is a missed opportunity.
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  8. Ooh this looks great. The customisation in Saints Row 3/4 was fantastic, I'm glad they didn't drop the ball in this game.
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  9. This is pretty cool. Also makes me want a Mass Effect SRPG spin-off.
  10. Not sure if anyone here cares but me but new Tales From The Borderlands game coming this year!!


    I lost interest in the main series years ago (didn't even play Borderlands 3 or Wonderlands), but the first Tales from the Borderlands was so good, and I'm extremely here for this.
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  11. I spent 4 hours trying to beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring and all I have is pain in my hands. You may wonder why I spent so much time on something I can't beat, well I was SO close 3 times, once literaly a hit away from victory and when that happens I know I can beat a boss so I torture myself until I do. Also, its bullshit you can't use a spirit ash for an optional boss on an open field.
  12. 100% Renegade Shepard (minus anyone I'm romancing) has been extremely entertaining and I highly recommend it if you can stick with it, even though some dialogue options might have you twitching and resisting the urge to go Paragon and not be so ruthless/heartless.

    Also key things like everyone surviving the Suicide Mission can still be accomplished this way as I didn't lose anyone.

    I'm also flying and I'm already past Priority: Palaven on ME3.
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  13. Me with one of these Godskin Slayers or whatever in Caelid. But I gave up nn. If you have enough Faith, try Heal on them. Kills them in like 2 hits.
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  14. Haha thanks for advice, I'll keep that in mind when I get to that. Sacred Blade Ash of War defeats DeathBird super easy in just a few hits.

    One of the things that drives me up the wall is - I am avoiding Hunter's longass range sword left and right and when some animal appears, lock on changes to that animal, nooooo!
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  15. This was the best Telltale game in my opinion. Amazing characters, quite fun and affecting when it needed to be and i loved that big endgame fight. Fiona hive assemble!
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  16. Just stayed up thru the entire night trying to beat Malenia with no spirit ash. She is now dead. I can rest.
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  17. I'm obsessed with how Elden Ring giveth and taketh away (with no real explainable reasons). I beat Goddrick in one try a few weeks ago, and then this weekend when I tried to do the upside down tower I died no less than 15 times to random trash mobs, ledges, and/or some combination of the two. The most frustrated I've ever been in the game!
  18. I beat Godrick without much trouble as well and yeah, the trash mobs are insane so I mostly just rolled away. I beat Magma Wyrn at Gael Tunnel today so I am happy. I changed my mind about Bloodhound's Fang, I like it, hits are stronger and range is good - thanks to that weapon I managed to beat that wyrn, its Finesse is great
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  19. Finally beat that Chapter 4 boss in Tokyo Mirage Sessions and only had to grind for a couple levels. It's those brutal spells that target everyone that kept messing me up. The boss starts doing that after its weakness shifts to physical attacks. I really like how the bosses are challenging without being straight up brutal or cheap. It feels like the game has the perfect difficulty balance for a gamer like me.

    With its excellent gameplay and decent dungeons, this game could have a Persona-level masterpiece if they had put proper effort into the story, which still feels generic. I actually think Tokyo Mirage Sessions has a better battle system than any of the Personas I've played (3 & 4). It's just that Persona has better everything else save for dungeons (talking about Persona 3 & 4. I can see that 5's dungeons are on another level).

    I've said this before, but I really wish this game had leaned harder into the pop music angle. Like, why am I not battling to a pop bop with lyrics ala Persona 4? Why is the battle theme so generic and lowkey annoying? Why are the enemies your regular RPG-type enemies and not entertainment-themed? What is even the point of the Fire Emblem characters, as cool as they look? Sometimes it feels like the game doesn't know what it wants to be.

    I fucking hate Barry. His obsession with Mamori is creepy as hell.
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  20. On another note, I kind of want to pick up Atelier Ryza 1 and 2. The Atelier games always looked very unappealing to me but I saw reviews on these two and thought they looked quite good! Ryza 2's battle system looks pretty thrilling.

    Also, Blue Reflection: Second Light looks quite interesting, with a ghostly visual style/atmosphere and cool looking combat, but the fan servicey vibe is kind of a turn off.
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