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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. BTG


    So I’ve finally made sense of the PlayStation upgrade system and it looks like I’ll have the premium tier for the rest of the year. I hope these classics are good.
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  2. I'm quite interested in Starfield so I'll check this out.

    In other news Bugsnax is on game pass, so If you want to check out one of the most extreme shifts in tone in recent memory, it's there for you.
  3. Well I passed 100 hours in Elden Ring nn. I'm obsessed.
  4. I am pretty slow so who knows how many hours I will spend on it before finishing. I managed to beat all the bosses in Limgrave, now I am slowly exploring Caelid. I noticed that sometimes for me its just easier to try beating a boss naked so I dodge quicker haha, it helped with Bell Bearing Hunter and Crucible Knight.

    I think I will give up on Caelid for now though, its a nightmare. That Putrid Avatar isn't that hard, its scarlet rot and limited area that is a bitch. I tried to lure it a bit away from those cliffs but nooo, he doesn't follow me while those huge dogs do it for miles and miles. Such bullshit.
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  5. I think the main appeal of the new PS+ tiers for me might actually be the indie games. There are so many cool looking ones I want to try, but with the way indie game prices have been rising over the years, they're often 30€ or more a pop and honestly just don't seem worth the money. I usually just end up grabbing them on sale later on unless it's something I'm dying to play, but it'll be nice to have a solid selection including new releases with the subscription.
  6. The make or break it with the new PS Plus is what the game library is going to include, and how often (and what of what quality) they are going to put new games on there.
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  7. Square Enix are selling most of their western studios/IP. (Life is Strange and Just Cause are staying seemingly)

    On balance probably better for all involved given they basically used the western division as a hotbed of bad ideas or a punching bag when the Japanese teams underperformed.
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  8. Assassins Creed Odyssey

    The INDIGNATION of these NPCs when they nearly get trampled by your horse. MOVE!!!! You’re the one walking in the middle of the road like a dumbass
  9. BTG


    Sign of the times about the status of Tomb Raider when it is being grouped along with several other IPs, and still only bagging $300m. That’s an absolute steal if they can revitalise some of these franchises.
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  10. Dddd not them using the sale money to invest in crypto
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  11. BTG


    The biggest surprise about this is that the acquisition wasn’t by one of the big two. I know Microsoft is prioritising the Activision deal that still has to be approved, but Sony not dropping $300m to have the OG PlayStation poster girl back along with a wealth of other IP (including Legacy of Kain which was pretty big back in the day) seems weird?

    And I guess Marvel’s big deal with Square is dead in the water? Strange move all around.

    Anyway, give me a Fear Effect remake without the sexism.
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  12. I thought Microsoft would at least try and nab Crystal Dynamics given they’re co-developing the Perfect Dark reboot and The Initiative is full of ex staffers
  13. Apparently Embracer also has to take on a billion dollars in liability with this purchase nn. So it’s not exactly a steal that it makes it out to be.
  14. Square Enix presentations from now on being focused on their Japanese games, which is what nearly anyone who'd actually watch a Square Enix presentation wants to see?


    That said, I'm glad they're keeping Life Is Strange, that's pretty much their only Western IP I care about (well, and Deus Ex, but that's been dead for years).
  15. The only thing worth celebrating is these IPs and teams being released from the hellscape Square Enix is currently ddd
  16. I mean, Tomb Raider aside, all those IPs were dead anyway, and it didn't look like SE was planning to do anything with them, so if the new company actually plans on reviving some of them, everyone wins.
  17. BTG


    I’m guessing when Avengers bombed, that was it for SE in terms of how it viewed its western studios. They handed Crystal Dynamics the biggest IP in the world right now and it not being a blockbuster was probably the final straw.

    If this leads to Tomb Raider continuing as an AAA series and some of Eidos’ back catalogue getting a new lease of life as AA games, I’m in.
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  18. Getting Rivers of Blood and re-speccing for it in Elden Ring, was–pardon the pun–game-changing. I'm just absolutely melting enemies and bosses at this point, it's wild.

    And when I summon a Mimic Tear +10 as well? Bye.
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  19. Isn't this making SE more attractive for Microsoft or more likely Sony to swoop in and buy them up? I wouldn't be surprised.
  20. [​IMG]
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