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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. It does feel like it's the perfect time for Sony to swoop the Japanese arm up, although I would've thought the North American-based IPs would've be appealing in tandem with Final Fantasy, etc. Especially getting original Playstation icon Lara Croft back as an exclusive to the console family. Those NA studios Square owned must've been hemorrhaging money.

    I'll be clear in that I do think an acquisition by Sony would be not great for the ongoing preservation efforts Square Enix has been doing with all of its classic series. And not getting Switch releases of some games would be a bummer if they're all exclusive from then on.
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  3. BTG


    I’ve seen the theory that this makes SE a more attractive proposition to be bought out mentioned a few times today but losing their entire western arm, three large development teams and several valuable IP (including the original PS poster girl) makes the company less valuable, not more.

    I know it’s been coming out today that the returns made on Crystal’s projects versus the development costs were minimal but that’s nothing that couldn’t be addressed. I think SE will stay independent but redirect funds towards its Japanese studios and hopefully increasing their output.
  4. Hitman/IO Interactive did really well post leaving them so it definitely stands to reason most the profit issues with western studios were down to mismanagement.
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  5. These numbers are interesting.

    The thing is, Sony is usually interested in studios and companies that either complement their own IPs and services, or that they have a long history of collaborating and a stronger union feels like a natural step.

    In this case Tomb Raider doesn't offer much having Uncharted, Avengers failed as a GAAS, the Spider-Man games are much bigger than Guardians, and the other single-player IPs are dormant waiting for a fresh approach. They are also games that are most likely continue launching on PS platforms in the future.

    I feel like if Sony got them, they still wouldn't receive much preference in terms of budget and releases.
    They feel a much better fit for another company willing to invest in them, and to be honest, that seems like the best solution for those series.
  6. Microsoft won't buy Square Enix. They've made it pretty clear with their acquisitions (Bethesda, Activision) that Sony and Nintendo can go duke it out in Japan while Microsoft continues building the 'Netflix of gaming' for Western consumers--they tried pouring money into the X360 to appeal to Japanese consumers (Blue Dragon, Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey) and it did almost literally nothing for the 360, they won't make the same mistake twice.
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  7. Lost Odyssey? Now that was a classic
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  8. Horse? You mean you're not riding the national animal of Scotland?
  9. Malenia though... I don't know a worse, more iconic person.
  10. The Suikoden successor prequel thing and Danganronpa 2 said gay rights
  11. I really hope the Playstation Plus rework makes me less sad about not having an Xbox with Game Pass.
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  12. This keeps getting better and better hahah. I guess they made such crap that it had to be brought back to the original dev team:

  13. What a mess. To think this game was supposed to have been released over a year ago ff
  14. Replaying Lord of the Rings The Third Age once again and I love how bold they were in copying the battle system from FFX. Even so, the AI feels oddly smart at times? There is a lot of cringe pasting of movie dialogue but on the whole it holds up pretty well.
    Idrial remains a queen, always on my team.
  15. As far as basic bitches go, I loved The Third Age. Even if Idrial's auto-revive ability broke the game ddd.
  16. Honestly, all you needed was her and Morwen. Double attack + Rohirric Rampage (or whatever her 6 strike move was) = devastation.
  17. Social media intern deserves a promotion
  18. The boar farting while you fight it

  19. I started playing Haven yesterday and I'm really enjoying it so far. Beautiful visuals, excellent music, relaxing gameplay (exploration reminds me of flower), intriguing sci-fi story (reminds me of the Saga comics) and the protagonists are super endearing. Plus it's just nice playing a game centered on a gay couple for once.
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  20. The final boss of Elden Ring was a pretty large flop. I guess there's room for everyone!
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